6 Memorable Lord Ganesha Stories For Kids

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Hindu mythology, like most world mythology, has a lot of gods and goddesses in the shape of animals. Lord Ganesha is a Hindu god who is a favorite of all kids as they love him for his unique elephant head.

Ganesha sports a trunk, a pot belly and four arms. His divine vehicle is, surprisingly, a mouse! If your kid loves hearing about animal gods, tell him the Lord Ganesha story.

Who Is Lord Ganesha?

Ganesha is the first son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. He is considered as the “First God” in Hindu mythology.

  • The name of Ganesha is derived from two different Sanskrit words: “isha”, meaning Lord and “gana” meaning group. Hence, Ganesha is considered as the God of masses.
  • Ganesha can be spotted in different postures such as lying, enjoying a candy, dancing or riding on a mouse.
  • This explains why kids are fascinated by Lord Ganesh and love to hear various stories about him.

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6 Best Stories Of Lord Ganesha For Kids:

Following are some of the interesting stories of Lord Ganesha for kids. We hope you have a good time with your kids when you tell them these stories.

1. Lord Ganesha And River Kaveri:

This Lord Ganapathi story is a favorite one among kids. Once upon a time, Sage Agastya sought the blessings of Lord Brahma and Shiva.

  • The sage wished to create flowing river in a suitable location to offer water to the southern lands. The Gods, listening to his prayers, had his kamandalu filled with sacred water.
  • The Sage then reached the Coorg Mountains. On his way, he spotted a small boy and requested him to take good care of his pot containing water as he needed to go to toilet.
  • The small boy was none other than Ganesha and he placed the small pot on the ground as he felt that location was perfect for a river.
  • Then a crow landed on this pot and Sage Agastya shooed off the bird. The crow flew off tipping the pot to the ground and spilled off some water.
  • This water formed River Kaveri and is considered as a sacred river.


Every action happens for a good cause. So do not be worried even if something bad happens in your life, eventually there will be a good ending.

2. Lord Ganesha And Kubera Story:

Kubera, God of Wealth, was quite proud of the fact that he was the richest God. One day, he held a lavish dinner and invited many popular guests, among them were Lord Shiva and Parvati.

  • As the Divine couple could not attend the dinner, they sent their son, Ganesha who was a small child.
  • Ganesha began to devour all the food and soon there was no food available in the venue.
  • He then began to eat all the vessels, dishes, furniture and other things at Alakapuri, Kubera’s city.
  • Ganesha then proceeded to swallow the host of the dinner and the terrified Kubera ran to Lord Shiva’s abode and sought his help.
  • Lord Shiva handed a cup of roasted cereals to Ganesha and his hunger for food ceased immediately.
  • Lord Kubera realized his mistake and sought forgiveness for his pride.


Do not be proud of what you possess. Instead, concentrate on how you can make use of your possession for good things.

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3. Lord Ganesha And Goddess Parvati:

This Bal Ganesha story for kids would teach them that they have to take care of animals in a gentle way.

  • One day child Ganesha was playing with a cat and was tormenting the animal by pulling his tail and throwing him on the ground.
  • He left the cat and went to Mount Kailash to meet his mother Goddess Parvati.
  • He was shocked to see her wounded.
  • When he asked her about it, his mother replied that it was his action that caused the wound. As she was playing with him as a cat.
  • She also said that it is unfair to treat animals cruelly and Ganesha was sorry for injuring the cat.


Animals have every right to live in this world, just as humans do. So do not cause any injury or ill treat any animal.

4. Lord Ganesh And Karthikeya Story:

One day Ganesha and his younger brother Karthikeya were playing. They received a special fruit from the gods. Being kids, they were not ready to share the fruit.

  • Their parents, Lord Shiva and Parvati said that the first one who comes around the world thrice, would get this fruit of immortality and supreme knowledge.
  • Karthikeya climbed on his peacock at once and set off, to win the fruit.
  • Ganesha was worried about winning the race as he had a stout appearance and his vehicle the Mouse does not have wings!
  • Later, he took a decision based on his wisdom and asked the permission of his parents to revolve around them thrice as he felt that his parents were his universe.
  • Ganesha won the race and the fruit.


This story of Ganesha has two morals.

  • Use of wisdom at the right time and right place.
  • Respect your parents; there can be no one as important as them in your life!

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5. Lord Ganesha And Lord Shiva:

When Lord Ganesha was born, Lord Shiva made a rule that Lord Ganesha must be worshiped first to ensure success in any endeavor.

  • However, Lord Shiva forgot about his own rule and left for a war with the demons in Tripura. He did not worship Lord Ganesha before doing so!
  • While he was on his way in his carriage, the wheel peg got damaged.
  • It was only then Lord Shiva remembered that he forgot to offer prayers to Lord Ganesh before departing for the war.
  • He offered his prayers to Ganesha and proceeded to the battle ground. Lord Shiva won the war!


You must follow certain rules, even if you feel you are exempt from doing so.

6. Lord Ganesha And Lord Vishnu:

One day, Lord Vishnu’s Valampuri Shankh (conch) was missing, which annoyed him greatly.

  • Later he heard the sound of his conch at a distance and it was coming from Mount Kailash, the abode of Lord Shiva.
  • He sought the help of Lord Shiva and requested him to ask his son Lord Ganesh to give back his conch.
  • Lord Shiva asked Vishnu to perform a puja to please Lord Ganesha.
  • Lord Vishnu performed the puja immediately and Ganesha was happy with it and returned back his conch.
  • After this incident, Lord Ganesha was known as Valampuri Ganesh which means Ganesha with a trunk facing the right side.


There is no moral in particular, but your kids can know the different names of Lord Ganesh.

There are many more Lord Ganesha stories in English for kids and has taught many important lessons to kids across the world. This small story collection of lord Ganesha is a simple effort from our side to help your kids enjoy and know about the mythological character.

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We hope these stories of Lord Ganesh prove useful and fun to both you and your kid. Don’t forget to share your experiences with other readers in the comment box below.

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