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Wat Sanomlao, the temple of the legendary Luang Phor Pina


Today I would like to present to you Peter Jenx.

I first met Peter a few years ago when a friend mentioned how much he loved Thai amulets and how effective they were.

I had exactly zero knowledge when it came to Thai magic, so I decided to look around for more information on it and on how to obtain an amulet for myself, which led me to Peter’s store.

I not only found the perfect amulet for me there, but he was also kind and very patient in explaining the different kinds of amulets to me, what each one is geared towards and how to properly take care of my amulets.

Mae Niyom, a famous ghost in her shrine in Bangkok

Mae Niyom, a famous ghost in her shrine in Bangkok.

Thai magic is often very necromantic in nature and very potent; therefore I needed to make sure that I was doing everything right to avoid problems and to ensure my amulets didn’t lose potency over time.

Peter Jenx has dedicated many years to learning about the Thai occult and is the author of 3 books on Thai occult magic, Sak Yant (the art of Thai ritual tattoos), and his latest book on the Thai occult (a massive work of 552 pages) that will be released on September 3rd.

Peter was kind enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to give me an interview and talk more about his newest book.

How did you first discover Thai magic?

I was lucky enough to come to Thailand in 1991 and from that point, I always knew that I would live here as the boundary between the real and magical worlds is thin.

My first REAL amulet came about 5 years ago from a monk called Luang Phor Amnat and it was a Hoon Payon, an animist spirit that protects and enchants. It was made from twigs and blessed thread and constructed to look like a Thai Boxer.

This second amulet had Prai, human materials that help a resident ghost stay within the talisman. We got on immediately and the focussed gained through the praise of my first amulet helped.

It was at this point that I felt like I was guided into writing books on the subject, and the present one is the pinnacle of that journey. In some ways, I have been lead along this path and cared for while the work was completed, a truly magical journey. Life became easier for me with this system, and it is now my turn to help pass on the knowledge of their benefits.

What makes Thai magic different and/or special?

Kom spell to reduce a person's power, performed in a toilet.

This photograph shows what is known as a Kom spell, which is a spell to reduce a persons power using a magic candle in a toilet.

Entering the magical system in Thailand is done through the constructions made by the magicians and using the kata to relax and focus the mind. Through having a focussed mind, it is easier to access the instincts and my second amulet helped with that process too.

What marks this system is its openness as anyone can begin a life of magic and train themselves using a good amulet.


What are your plans for the future?

On the completion of the current book, I became an apprentice to one of the Ajarns in the book, so my journey continues.

It is now that the predominantly oral tradition becomes part of life and I presently have no thoughts on producing another book of information.

It is time to help people who visit Chiang Mai on a personal level, and to aid those who follow the facebook page, The Thai Occult Books.

With the new book, it is hoped that the level of understanding of this art is raised considerably as we are being guided by the words of the Ajarns.

As for what’s next? I am going to continue to photograph my experiences to eventually produce a book of images of The Thai Occult that can be sold in bookshops. It is my duty to promote the magical people I know, to help the world understand them.


A few things about the new book, “The Thai Occult Book”:

the thai occult book cover
This book is the culmination of three years work and covers the Occult practices in Thailand, from amulets to rituals to blessings.

What marks this system is its openness as anyone can begin a life of magic and train themselves using a good amulet.

The Thai Occult book aims to help those interested in this deep and ancient art, either as a practitioner or to use the details within this book to refresh their own magical practices.

The book is 552 pages long, has 140,000 words, over 300 top quality photos and comes in two editions – both released on September 3rd, 2018.


The books comes in two editions, both of which will be released on September 3rd:


THE SILVER EDITION – This is the standard edition of the book with silver writing and design on the green hardback cover.

THE GOLD EDITION – This is something more special. It is the same book with gold script on the cover, but this one contains a numbered and signed bookmark and a metal Yant from Ajarn Apichai.

For more details about the book, the differences between the silver and gold editions, or to pre-order your copy, visit the Timeless sales page.

You can find more about the books by visiting The Thai Occult Books Facebook page

You can also find Thai occult talismans on his website, The Thai Occult.

You can also listen to an older interview of Peter Jenx talking about Thai Animism and Sorcery below:


* Featured photo (top of the post): The room where a body is left before a cremation, with statues judging the dead. From Wat Sanomlao, the temple of the legendary Luang Phor Pina.




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