Becareful Of Gumantong – Fool Story

Feb 27th
2017Becareful Of Gumantong

Like many I was lured by the stories of what the kumantong can do for his master. I was so engross in Thai Buddhism that very soon my HDB is almost converted to a mini Thai temple.

I adopted the kumantong out of ‘fun’ and the ‘benefits’ as ‘sai ko’ by the shop. At that time I was out of job and need any ‘extra’ help I could get.

I faithfully followed the ritual of keeping the kumantong as described by moody moo except the blood thing. The first few weeks was ok. In fact you can feel the ‘presence’ of the kumantong after the 1st week. Initially I was glad that I was able to invite ‘him’ into my house.

My son, who was learning to walk in a child-walker sometimes wade into the room, looking at the kumantong and smiling. It seems ok that ‘someone’ is playing with him. But as time goes, my time spent on the kumantong gets lesser and lesser. Of course I devoted my time to my own son and that’s where trouble started! I think it gets very jealous becoz of my affection for my own son.

I did not disposed the kumantong in the temple. I simply bring it down to the seaside, chanted something and there it goes – right into the sea! That is some experience I never forget…….

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