Thai Amulet History.
The 5 Grand Sacred Thai Amulets Benjapakee.

The Thai Amulets culture in Thailand began even before Buddhism was introduced at around the …12th century. Ancient Thai tribal people collected and worshiped amulets that were consecrated by shaping of different pebbles, stones,clay, soil, herbs and other materials that were available. When Buddhism was introduced in Thailand, Venerable monks adapted to this amulet making culture and applied it towards the Thai version of Buddhism. The popularity of Thai amulets started at around the 1800s during King Rama V era. During 1866-1870, a very well known powerful monk named Somdej Toh of Wat Rakang Kositaram consecrated what Thai people believed to be the most powerful amulet ever produced named Phra Somdej. The Phra Somdej Wat Rakang remains to be one of the most Powerful and popular Thai amulet.
The most valuable Thai amulet are called ‘BenjaPakee’. The word ‘Benjapakee’ is from ancient Pali language. Benja means 5 types & Pakee means sets or grouping. Therefore, Benjapakee means 5 different types of amulet group together as a set. These 5 Grand Sacred Thai Amulets are the most sought by worshippers and are extremely valuable with prices increases as time passes.

Images of Benjapakee

This set of 5 Thai amulet including
1)Phra Somdej of Wat Rahkang,
2)Phra Rod,
3)Phra Nang Phaya,
4)Phra Phong Suparn 5)Phra Somgor.

Phra Somdej Wat Rakang (King of Amulet)

Phra Somdej Wat Rakang is considered the most respected Thai amulet in Thailand and is nicknamed ‘King of Amulet’ within the Benjapakee set of Amulets. Phra Somdej was created by Somdej Phra Buddhacara Toh Prommarangsi (Somdej Toh). He began consecrating the amulet at Wat Rakhang (Temple) starting from B.E. 2409 until his passing at B.E. 2415 at the age of 85. He consecrated more than 84,000 + amulets during this period while he was alive and distributed them to his followers and communities who regularly supported him and his temple. Somdej Toh is of royal descendant. His father was King Rama II and his mother was Nang Kwak. Due to his amazing abilities and strong knowledge in understanding in Buddhist teachings, he was named and appointed abbot of Wat Rakhang at a very young age. Moreover, he achieved the highest status monkhood of Thailand in B.E. 2415.
The materials used to consecrate Phra Somdej comprises various holy powders made from flower pollen, shell lime, oil, ashes from incenses, rice, banana leaf with a total of 108 herbs. During the consecrating process, materials are mixed together and chanted jointly by monks of Wat Rakang led by Somdej Toh. Thereafter, the materials are hand press into wood molds carefully and 84,000 amulets were made into the shape of the Somdej amulet. The amulets are then again chanted and meditate by monks until the process is completed. Somdej amulet prays to bless every life in this world for good karma and protection against negative energy. PHRA Somdej Wat Rakang is one of the most famous and the best amulets from Thailand.

Phra Nang Phaya
Phra Nang Phaya amulet was first discovered during Ayutthaya at Phitsanulok province in B.E. 2444 at the Buddhist temple Wat Nang Phaya. Phra Nang Phaya Amulet was first discovered by some monk when they were digging at the temple site in preparation for a stage for King Rama V visit. They later discovered Phra Nang Phaya amulets buried underneath the soil. Shortly after this discovery, they also found many other Phra Nang Phaya buried at other temples near this site. Wat Nang Phaya temple was built in commemoration of the Queen at the time who was the mother of King Naresuan, so the Thai people named Phra Nang Phaya “Queen of Thai Amulet” which became a legend from generations till now. Phra Nang Phaya are famously bless for attractiveness and respectful from all others. Also very powerful on charms and preventing dangers.

Phra Rod
Phra Rod was created by a hermit. Discovered during the earlier days of King Rama V reign when a stupa from Wat Mahawan in Lampoon province. Phra Rod Amulet is also known as the ‘escape amulet’ because of the ability to protect and help wearer’s escape danger. A lot of magical stories are associated with the power and protection Phra Rod has brought to the wearer of this Thai amulet. It is said to have very powerful energy especially in protection, misfortune and safety. Phra Rod Amulet are made of red clay and over 1000 years.

Phra Phong Suphan
Phra Phong Suphan Amulet was discovered on B.E 2456 from Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahathat at Suphanburi Province. Story has it that Phra Phong Suphan was discovered by thieves during a heist at a local temple. They stole many different amulet that were buried underneath the temple stupa and many of the amulets dug up were made of gold. After this incident, the government issued a total dig up at the temple stupa to uncover all supreme amulets. They found many different type of Thailand amulets among these Thai amulet they uncovered Phra Phong Suphan.
Phra Phong Suphan is believed to be the most powerful amulet created. The general shape of this amulet is triangular with the Buddha images seated in the ‘Manvichai’ Posture. They have a protruding chest and oftentimes the back of the amulet is imprinted with the fingerprint of the master monk. A superb Thai Amulet that had all mighty protective power against all weapon and raise wealth and luck. It is the most powerful amulet.

Phra Som Kor
Phra Som Kor first discovered during B.E. 2392 at a temple called Wat Phra Boromathat at Kamphaeng Phet Province. This Thai amulet is well known amulet for its ability to bless the wearer with great fortune and protects against poverty. This Thai amulet is considered as the oldest in the Benjakapee amulet group. The amulets were created in the era King Phra Maha Dharmarajalitai, the 5th King of Sukhothai. Phra Somkor is a mixture of Sukhothai & Lanka (Sri Lanka) style. According to memorandum of Wat Phra Boromathat, Phra Somkor amulets were made by 11 hermits (Phra Lersi) using special materials and chanting to invites Devadas to create the moles. The oldest Phra Som Kor amulet is estimated to be over 550 years old.

Note:- The value of Phra Som Kor is extremely high due to the rarity and forever increasing demand. However, do be careful when deciding to purchase such a valuable piece due to there being many fakes out there in the market. The probability of purchases a fake Phra Som Kor is definitely higher than actually finding an authentic one. Be extremely careful and only purchase amulets with certificates of authenticity before deciding to make the purchase.

Thai Amulet Effects
The effects of Thai Amulet differs from people to people depending on numerous factors. These factors include amulet materials used, type of amulet, made/Monk, consecration method, blessing ceremony duration and many other factors. There are 2 main categories of Amulet, one uses white magic and the other one uses black magic. Most amulets consecrated by famous monks and temples use only pure good magic by spreading good Karma to all living things and thus blessing the amulet with positive energy and luck. However, on the other hand, there are numerous monks/ Ajahn / Lersi using black magic to bless the amulets. Black magic uses materials that usually associated with dead remains and ashes. For example, Kuman Thong is consecrated by monks using ashes of children or Fetus of unborn babies. Black magic is considered quite safe in Thailand because most monks are powerful enough to understand how to tam (control)these dead souls. Amulets using black magic are generally stronger but may exhaust your body if worn continuously without rest.

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