Billionaire 9 Faces Buddha – Phra Setti Nawakot – Ajarn Patana

Master explains that there should be a deeper understanding and analysis of how earth, soil and gemstones could affect all living beings and organism. Many people have misunderstood that gemstones in amulets are only for beatifying purposes. That is why many other masters have replaced them with glass or plastics in today’s amulets makings. 

Master has explained that gemstones have an effect on living beings and organisms on a subtle but yet powerful effect on the cellular level when used in the right way. Gemstones are also thought to be “alive” and have a certain form of “spiritual intelligence”. On the cellular level, you will see that gemstones are in perfect sacred geometry. These sacred geometries are in sync with the universe and our body. In spiritual science, or as mentioned in ancient Buddhist text, our body are also made up of cellular content that are similar to soil, earth and certain gemstones. We are truly affected by the vibrations of the existence of gemstones. 

According to master, gemstones when combined with certain metals will create and emits powerful energies and could hold memories or even induce a state of mind to people around. When gemstones are consecrated through a ritual through pure thoughts, the gemstones  could hold the pure energy that will last for decades to even centuries. When the energies are stored in these gemstones, they will be transformed with new function. It will be able to regenerate energies of the wearer and people around.

With the right combination of different gemstones, it can create a powerful function. When gemstones are collected from sacred places (from under pagodas usually.) These gemstones have already accumulated many years of spiritual energies of the pagoda, and energies of the moon. These collected gemstones would be kept in a special sacred urn to continue to receive pure thoughts chantings and continue to absorb the energies of the solar and lunar. This procedure usually takes a complete year before it can be used in amulets making. 

Master also taught us that different gemstones function differently. Some gemstones emits energies in an upward direction, some downwards and some simply rebounce back and forth.  Master says that the way it works are unique and different, and the different energies can affect and also be stored in different areas of our bodies. (Eg. Bones, blood, heart, throat, head etc.) Affecting the 7 chakras. However, it is important to create a balance and harmonious combination. Else the energies may affect negatively than doing good for the wearer.  Just a tiny 1-2mm stone when combined well can have powerful and great effect that affect one physically and mentally. The mental effect is the part it can induce strongly and raise higher consciousness that can change one’s destiny.

In this series of Phra Setthi Nawakot, the amulet is combined with Rubies, Sapphires, Onyx, Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, amethyst, copper. These gemstones are stuffed in sacred soil (mixed with sacred materials.) that helps to activate the function. Master said that this creates a protective and regenerative energy around the wearer and could also affect others who come close to a certain proximity to the wearer. 


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