Famous Hoon Pa Yon Makers

Hoon Pa Yon is Thai amulet that made by Guru or person who have Vicha/Wicha (magic). 

Which named as Vicha Poog Hoon. 

Hoon Pa Yon can be made from many materials such as soil, metal, bamboo etc. 

Hoon Payon has much power. 

In the past history, Hoon Pa Yon was created to take care of the house and farm from thief, protecting the owner from black magic, evil spirits and any bad things. Also, brings good fortune in business affairs to the owner. 

The spirit of Hoon Pa Yon does not invited from dead person or human soul but from spell materials as mention above.

In Thailand, there are masters that is reputation in making experiences effective and strong Hoon Pa Yon.

1.Luang Pho Chang Ganatasilo of Wat Ngaung Yai Mow.

2. Kruba Thep DhammaRungSee of Wat Tum MungKorn Thong.

3. Luang Pho Sa Ngah of Wat Ban Mau.

4. Luang Pho Pon of Wat CherngWai .

5. Luang Pho Muk of Wat kowlekrarngsadow.

6. Luang Pho Kloy of Wat Phu Kow Thong.

7. LP Pune of Wat Pabansang.

8. LP Phisan of Wat Pikulsokan.

9. Ajarn Loy PhoNgoen of Ayutthaya.

10. Ajarn Sup Hoon Pa Yon Num


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