Grandmaster Je Hoon’s Training Site

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Grandmaster Je Hoon’s Training Site is a new Group PvP update for Ragnarok Online II. You will have to make a party, and then hunt monsters or defend from attacks in the Training Site. The goal is to destroy the opposing group’s Statues before they destroy yours.

Je Hoon, the head of Chung Lim Sa, has helped many heroes realize their true potential, including Monks. Since the world was thrust into chaos by the evil Freyjanity, Grandmaster Je Hoon has opened a huge training temple for meditation known as Grandmaster Je Hoon’s Training Site.

In order to enter the site, you must be in a full group of players.

  1. Request to enter through a new NPC located at Chung Lim Sa in the Payon Forest.
  2. After moving into the Training Site, both groups will be placed in a “ready status” in order to prepare for the training.
  3. Once the training has ended, players will be moved back to Payon Forest.

If the party loses a member while they are waiting to enter the Training Site, the request to enter cancels automatically. Players cannot quit party when they are in the Training Site.

Each group has 7 Statues. The goal is to destroy the other group’s statues before they destroy yours.

The Statues come in three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. You must destroy them in order to progress. This means Small -> Medium -> Large.

If the training ends without either group destroying the last Statue of the opposing group, the winner will be the group that has earned the most Blood Points.

If your group is finding it difficult to destroy an opponent’s Statue, there are monsters that you can hunt. Killing these monsters provides your group with “Chakra”, which can be turned into vendors in your starting area for Secrets, Scripts, or Vision Scripts. There are several to choose from, some costing more Chakra than others.

Only one Secret, Script, and Vision Script can be active on a player at a time.

If your team is still having trouble holding back the other team from your statues, there are four unique Statues placed on the outskirts of the map. If your team destroys one of these statues, it will hinder the other team for a shorter period of time by applying a stun, polymorph, silence or other status effect.

When you are killed in the Training Site, you will spawn back at your group’s starting point after a certain amount of time.

Players who die in the Training Site will not lose Blood Points.[1]

  • Chakra
  • Return of Red
  • Return of Blue
  • Training Secret
  • Train of High wave Secret
  • Train of Grassland Secret
  • Awakening Secret
  • Awakening Storm Secret
  • Awakening Grassland Secret
  • Training Scrip*t
  • Train of High wave Script
  • Train of Storm Script
  • Endurance Script
  • Endurance Grassland Script
  • Endurance High wave Script
  • Wild Vision Script
  • Wild High wave Vision Script
  • Wild Grassland Vision Script
  • Wild Storm Vision Script


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