History of Thai Benjapakee Amulets

History of Thai Benjapakee Amulet

 5 Leklai Benjapakee Set Power Phra Somdej Pendant Buddha Thai Amulet

BENJAPAKEE” is actually an ancient word from Pali. Benja means 5 kind or type, Pakee means set or grouping. So BenjaPakee means 5 different types of amulets in a group or set. A group of well-known amulet collectors in early 1950s suggested a guide for the thai people, the best choice to worn on their neck, Also taking into consideration of the Buddha history, age, form and size etc.
The great BenjaPakee amulets:-

1. Phra Somdej (King of Amulet) 

2. Phra Nang Phaya (Queen of Amulet) 

3. Phra Rod 

4. Phra Phong Supan 

5. Phra Somkor 

 Beside the BenjaPakee, there are others well-known and precious amulets that created by the famous monks in the temple of Thailand.


Phra Somdej Phra Somdej were created by Somdej Phra Buddhajan Toh Prommarangsri (Somdej Toh). He’s a son of King Rama I. He started to make Phra Somdej amulets in B.E.2409. Materials for making Phra somdej comprise: Shell lime, holy powder, assorted flowers from shine, rice, lotus, ashes, honey, banana, tang oil, etc. Then chanted with spells and meditate. To bless every life in this world for good karma and strong protection against negative energy. Total of 84,000 amulets was made at the time. Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang is once of the most famous and the best amulets from Thailand. 

Phra Nang Phaya The Picture below is Rare Benjapakee Phra Nang Phaya Wat Nangphaya Pitsanulok Thai Buddha Amulet.

Phra Nang Phaya were created during of Ayuttaya era, Pitsanulok province. The major discovered are from Wat Nang Phaya around B.E.2444. The temple was said to be built for merits making to his Queen, the mother of King Naresuan, the Thai people given name “Queen of Thailand amulets”. Phra Nang Phaya are very famous for bless strong with attractiveness and respectful from all others, also power on charm and safe from all dangers 

Phra Rod

      the image above : Thai Amulet Phra Rod (One of Benjapakee) Nawa V.Rod Patihan Wat BorHaew BE2559

Phra Rod was created by a hermit. First discovered during the earlier days of King Rama 5 reign when a pagoda from Wat Mahawan in Lumpoon province. The Thai people regard this particular amulet as Buddha of Escape, they have superb Buddhistic power, especially in protection and being safe from all dangers and disasters or misfortunes. They are made of clay and the oldest once are over 1,250 years old.  Phra Phong Supan

the image above is one of the thai amulet “LEK LAI Black Jewel of Thailand PHRA PHONG SUPAN BUDDHA AMULET”

*thank you for image & story source >>> Lek Lai Phra Phong Supan Buddha Amulet Pendant

The words ‘Lek Lai’ can be translated to ‘Fluid or flowing Metal’ or ‘Steel Eel’. Lek Lai is also called ‘The Heaven metal’ and the ‘Black Jewel of Thailand’. It is believed that Lek Lai is indestructible and totally immortal. Old beliefs from Thailand say that Lek Lai is found in deep forests or mysterious caves and many people believe this.
Many people believe that Lek Lai is not an ordinary mineral but a type of fluid or liquid animal that can swim across mountains! Lek Lai is one of the most famous sacred substances in Thailand and it is believed that a spirit lives in Lek Lai and the spirit will release its magical powers in many different ways. Lek Lai will make its wearer invincible, it will protect its wearer from any danger and it will destroy any evil spirits, enemies and dangerous animals Even today there are very few people who can describe the properties of Lek Lai correctly, Lek Lai is a true special gift from nature, it cannot be altered or changed, it cannot be improved in an artificial way and it is very powerful. Many healers believe that Lek Lai increases their healing powers and when using a Lek Lai amulet it speeds up all healing. A Lek Lai amulet should be worn around the neck and it should be treated with respect and honoured. If it is not cared for or respected it will simply vanish. Even nowadays there are Lek Lai masters who will insert small pieces of Lek Lai under the skin of a disciple for their protection!
Lek Lai Nam Rong has been mixed with other sacred ingredients and made into amulets for many centuries as well as being worn in its natural state.
Searching for Lek Lai: According to ancient texts to find Lek Lai you have to search in very quiet and desolate places for very clean caves that do not have the droppings of any animals. The temperature in the cave should be very cool and refreshing. If you believe that an area in the cave contains Lek Lai then you should shoot a gun at that area, if the area you are shooting at does contain Lek Lai then no bullets will fire from your gun! When you have found the area that contains Lek Lai before cutting the Lek Lai out of the cave you have to pray to the spirit of the cave and the spirit of the mountain or jungle or the god that protests that area. Once you have found the Lek Lai a Sai Sin cotton string should be tied around the Lek Lai before it is cut out of the cave. By doing this you will be protected.

Phra Phong Supan were discovered on B.E. 2456 in Wat Phra Sri Ratanamahathat, Supan Buri province. According to a golden scripture found together in the pagoda which described that Phra Phong Supan was created by Phra Mahathera PiyaThassi Saribut during the period of King Bormrajathiraj 2nd. It has strong “U-thong” art style. Most of unique of this amulets is at the back had a thumb print of the creator. A superb Buddha amulets had all mighty protective power against weapon and bring good luck. Is the most powerful amulets of ever.

Phra Somgor

Phra Somgor were first discovered on B.E. 2392 in Wat Phra Boromathat. Gumpangpeth province. The amulets were created in the era King Phra Maha Dharmarajalitai, the 5th king of Sukhothai. Phra Somgor is a mixture of Sukhothai-Lanka (Sri Lanka) style. It form a sitting posture of a thumb shape. According to memorandum of Wat Phra Boromathat, Phra Somgor amulets were made by 11 hermits or Phra Lersi using special materials and invited Devadas to create the molds. 

There is a slogan for Phra Somgor ” If you have me, you never get poor”. Estimated to be made some 550 years. Luang Por Prom went forest dwelling(Tudong) at BE2457. He tudong around the Chong Kae mountains in Nakon Sawan Province. When he first arrived at foothill in Chong Kae, there was a heavy thunderstorm. The villagers asked him to shelter inside a cave.

The first night when Luang Por Prom was staying in the cave, he fell asleep after the long journey. Luang Por dreamed of a human image in his dream; guiding him how to follow the path of Buddha’s teachings. Luang Por Prom decided stay in that cave as his dwelling place, because on the first night he had already have such a dream. Luang Por Prom quickly returned to Ayuttaya Province to sell off all his farmland, which was passed down by his parents. In BE2458, Luang Por Prom went back to Chong Kae village. With the help of the villagers and the money he has, he built a temple which was named as Wat Chong Kae. Luang Por Prom stayed in Wat Chong Kae for 60 years, until he passed away on 30th January BE2518 at the age 96 years old and as a monk for 71 years. Luang Por Prom’s body is housed in a glass coffin in Wat Chong Kae. His body remains in good condition, and there are no sign of decay. In fact, his finger nails and body hair still growing, as if Luang Por Prom just fell asleep and not passed away. Some people said that, this is the level of Arahang, where the body will never be decayed 

POWER OF THAI BUDDHA AMULET — Life protection, Power, Wealth, Prevent Dark Magic, Black Magic and Evil Spirits, Danger Obstacle cease. Attraction lucky and money, Give metta merciful, without poor, Triumphantly, Loving Kindness. Harm proof, Avoid from danger, Change Bad Luck to Good Luck.  Bring Prosper to Business, Bring Lucky and Happiness, Wishes be Fulfilled.  Moreover, it will bring Prosper to Business, Invulnerable, Successful, Good Trade, Halo, Powerful.


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