House Of Barang: What is Phra Ngan?

Documentation from Literature:Most of the ancient pieces are simple molds from the Ayutthaya Dynasty. It is in the shape of the Buddha. It is decorated and sits on a decorative table. Such conventional Phra Ngan have straight hair with a hat, a gentle smile, kindness and is extremely different with the red-eyed Phra Ngan.Legend of the Evolution of the Red-Eyed Phra Ngan:*During the destruction of the Ayutthaya Dynasty by the Burmese, a lot of Phra Ngan were kept in the belly of the Buddha. 

Some of the Buddha statues were destroyed, and for some of the Phra Ngan inside, the top part of their hats were crooked.*Plenty of the soldiers were buried alive as sacrifice. Their eyes appeared to be reddish as a consequences of copper oxidisation. Some say it is blood from the soldiers, and this is followed by a few other legends. For those who do not truly understand, their named it the evil Phra Ngan.Present:*The current image is widely accepted and recognised by society, therefore, some of the eminent monks from the temple start manufacturing Phra Ngan with curved red eyes. Because this was the image handed down by the masters from the past, therefore whether Phra Ngan is good or evil depends mainly on the prayers and ceremonies inducted into it.Phra Ngan manufactured in the proper way are usually not bad, even through the red-eyed image of Phra Ngan in itself is no longer a Buddha, it still does lose its righteous spirit. So many devotees feel that it contains both yin and yang energies. Thus, it is effective in attracting both principal and ancillary wealth luck.*Moreover, some occultists will exhume Phra Ngan from graves, or make them from human ashes, human bones, or grave dirt, and hold ceremonies in graveyards. These Phra Ngan will contain evil spirit, and they desire wine, flesh and feminine sex. Therefore, the way of worshipping these are amiss

.Phra Ngan in Thailand are labelled both evil god and holy god, and the evil god topped the rank in the evil world. Phra Ngan is very powerful, as they can help people achieve their desire in a short duration.Apart from helping people to find their soul mate and giving them the luck in gambling, it specially helps the owner of the Phra Ngan to cast a spell onto others, as well as protect the owner from other people’s spell (it will become more evil when faced with evilness, and become more holy when faced with holiness).Phra Ngan is mainly used in helping people to increase their principal, ancillary and illegal wealth luck. It also helps people to find their soul mate, improve relationship with others and grant peace to the owner. It only needs to be worshipped with incense, Thai style dessert or plain water, a wreath, and yellow coloured candles. People in illegal business like to worship them.Legend of the evil god:According to the studies, this Buddha statue was designed during the Ayutthaya Dynasty. During that time, Thailand declared war with its neighbouring countries. The king requested the monks to make a batch of amulets that symbolise victory for the soldiers to wear, so that to protect them. Due to the chaos situation in the war, they did not manage to finely produce this batch of Buddha statues.*As a result, the Buddha statues we see today merely look like a real Buddha statue.Consequently before the king could deliver this batch of amulets, the whole army was completely annihilated. The temple which manufactured these amulets were also destroyed. A lot of the people were killed, and their blood stained the amulets.*During the rat tana kosin dynasty, this batch of amulets appeared again. When they were first excavated, due to their weird shape and blood stains, people worship it as an evil god. Later, a tablet containing all the facts were found, then only they knew the truth.*

However, at that point of time, some of the people had already come out with a new version explaning the Phra Ngan. Subsequently, based on the Victory Scripture, the monks created a new version called Phra Chai. Therefore, it is not completely correct to label the Phra Ngan as an evil god.Legend of the holy god:Is Phra Ngan a Buddha?Buddha’s Dharmalaksana is derived from the buddha jaya mangala gatha (literally Victory Script) scripture. The shura in the scripture has a thousand hands and each and every one of them is holding a weapon. He rides on a elephant while leading an army of soldiers doing evil everywhere.One day, he came across Buddha. Boasting how rich and powerful he is, he wanted Buddha to submit to him. Hence, Buddha used his supernatural power to bring about more treasures and a stronger army than what maram owns. Next, he transform into a tall and mighty general, covered with a gold armour which is studded with precious stones.*Maram knew that he was no match with Buddha, hence he begged for forgiveness. Following this, Buddha uplifted maram with his rightoues teachings.Another allusion of the holy god Phra Ngan is a miniature Buddha. It stands from 1 inch to 6 inches. Back to the Ayutthaya Dynasty, this Buddha statue is known to be peculiar. It does not wear the monks clothing, and was seated cross legged on a triangular cushion. Because of this peculiar image, a lot of people thought this Buddha statue had evil influences. In addition to this, some of the ignorance people came out with some misleading assumptions, thus this statue which was meant to be Buddha was carelessly worshiped.*Some of them were kept in the pocket and some of them on the floor. To make mattes worse, some were worshiped with pornography books, cigarettes, cigars, Vodka, Brandy, ladies underwear, and even sanitary napkins (used).All these ignorance conduct of the followers resulted in unforgiveness of sins. Luckily, nowadays there are a lot of amulet collectors who understand the history of this Buddha.At the same time, they gave this Buddha a new general designation called Phra Chai, literally meaning victory.However, no matter how much explicit knowledge we imply, there are still a lot of people who misunderstand the origin of this Buddha statue and its clothing design.The Authentic Phra Ngan is renamed to Phra Chai. it does not have red eyes and sharp horn and it is modeled with simplicity.A few of the black magic masters created another version of Buddha statue. They gave it a pair of red eyes and added a curved horn on top of the head. This version of Buddha statue is called Phra Ngan. Regardless it is Phra Ngan or Phra Chai, they are of the same holy god.


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