How to choose a phra ngan?

There are 2 main steps in choosing a phra ngan.

Firstly, you have to know whether you’re suitable to pray to phra ngan.

  • You are not 魁罡破格. This criteria is the main criteria. Email us at [email protected] and we will provide a check for this free of charge.
  • you require sexual attraction or attraction in your job
  • you’re in a business that generates 偏财
  • you’re not the very serious type of person. Many would say that there are serious people who pray to phra ngan with water and jasmine flower. My recommendation would be to pray to mainstream deities or buddha because you do not need a phra ngan for those required effects.
  • You do not always think of sex and one night stands. It’s true that certain phra ngans infused with certain magic is able to grant one night stands but bad karma would befall on the prayer.

The above criterias do not apply to archans because they would have known spells to allow the phra ngan to like them.

Secondly, once you have fulfilled the main criteria, it’s time to choose your phra ngan.

  • Choose a real phra ngan and not some phra ngan statue with ghost in it.
  • The best material for phra ngan would be green jade.
  • Choose a real phra ngan. This point has been emphasized yet again. Do not choose a phra chai or phra ngan statue that has lord buddha in it. Phra chai is the higher form of phra ngan. Certain ayuttaya phra ngans are representations of buddha and do not have phra ngans in it. Phra Chai (the one related to phra ngan) is not lord buddha
  • Choose real ayuttaya phra ngans or strong phra ngans. Generally, a phra ngan that was made only 1 by a master at any time or one that is the personal phra ngan of a master are strong phra ngans.
  • Do not choose ayuttaya phra ngans with necks that were broken. Gluing its neck back would not compensate for its lost of power and it would require a huge sum of money for a master to actually restore its power to its original non-broken neck state.
  • Ayuttaya phra ngans refer to phra ngans that are at least 300 years of age. Be real careful when buying ayuttaya phra ngans and in general, 1 authentic ayuttaya phra ngan costs at least $500 SGD. Unless one is lucky in finding someone who has stopped worshipping phra ngans and is giving up his collection, most ayuttaya phra ngans in the market are fake ayuttaya phra ngans that were artificially aged to look old. Permission and application of licenses are required from the relevant departments in Thailand to bring antiques out of Thailand and that adds up to the costs price of obtaining a real ayuttaya phra ngans. Avoid dealers that smuggled the goods out of Thailand as that is equivalent to stealing and buying stolen goods, especially buddhist artifacts wouldn’t contribute to one’s good deeds but would contribute to one’s bad deeds.
  • Phra Ngan Bucha vs Phra Ngan amulet? Bucha would definitely be more “powerful” and effective than an amulet since a Bucha is able to contain more ingredients than an amulet. A Bucha also has to be chanted for a longer period of time during consecration compared to an amulet.

It is time to demythify this myth: “It will be more evil when faced with evilness and more holy when faced with holiness.” This theory applies to ayuttaya or strong phra ngans only (scroll up for the definition of strong phra ngans). The theory does not apply to the common phra ngans that are being mass-produced in the market because only ayuttaya phra ngans or strong phra ngans have all of the magic infused in it. The new phra ngans in the market only have attraction and protection function.

Sea shell phra ngans do not exist. Do not be fooled. The only phra ngan that looks like it is in a seashell was made by Archan Wee and it is known as a half-born ngan and it is actually a phra chai, not a phra ngan.

Sellers who sell sea sell phra ngans are actually selling phra opakut, a type of buddha. Praying alcohol to it would result in real bad karma.

Beware of sellers that are able to say that Phra Ngans are able to detoxify bad luck & energy from the body. Phra Ngan is not able to do that and following methods that detoxify bad luck using phra ngan would definitely be bad for the owner.

Be careful of phra ngans with plenty of barangs around them. For example, phra ngans amulets that are filled with plenty of phra ngans behind the phra ngan. Phra Ngan is a yin deity and it is also a mountain deity. It has attained a higher form so if a phra ngan was created with plenty of barang stuffs behind or beside it, chances are that the thing entering the amulet during consecration wasn’t phra ngan but a ghost. Certain Phra ngans with barangs underneath the statue or amulet usually contain spirits as well. The consecration process determines whether the religious item contains phra ngan or ghosts.

Lastly, phra ngans do not give 4d numbers or numbers that allow you to strike lottery usually because they are not ghosts. Certain phra ngans do give 4d numbers. Those phra ngans are rare because it takes luck to actually meet a phra ngan that is able to do that and most archans haven’t met ngans that are able to do that. Even if that archan had met a ngan that is able to do that in his life time, the maximum number of phra ngan statue that he could create for this ngan would be 1, yes, only 1 and what makes you think that you would be able to own that 1 piece?


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