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How to take care of kumantong amulet – The way to pray to kumantong

offerings for kumantongofferings for kumantong

Praying to kumantong is simple, Kumantong owners can prepare a glass of milk, red drink and plain water everyday for their Kumantong . If they can not get red drink, then they can have fruit juice or tangerine as a replacement. They really should prepare at least a glass of milk if they can’t prepare all.

2. For meals, they can prepare fresh fruit, sweet meals, rice and vegetables every day for their Kumantong , or at least a single of the food every day. For those who are busy, they can do it at least when a week.

3. When preparing meals their Kumantong , need to not overlook to burn incense regardless of the types. It can burn incense at other time as well. Every Kumantong  has their favorite incense so it can burn the variety that the Kumantong  likes. There is no such issue like prohibition. This is arguable and these who are worried about this can do it according to which they feel is additional acceptable.

4. It should invite your small kid, the Kumantong  to have meal collectively. You could prepare yet another chopsticks but it is not necessary.

offerings for kumantongofferings for kumantong

Other Prayers for kumantong

5. Kumantong  owners must memorize effectively the incantations. Incantations are like nutrients for children. Some incantations are for specific occasions and some can be used for all scenarios. Incantations must be passed on to Kumantong  owners by the qualified master so that they are efficacious. These incantations that are taken without the need of permission are not allowed and will not be efficacious.

6. Kumantong can be placed at anywhere as extended as the place is clean.

kumantong buynowget a kumantong

7. Kumantong  owners have to commit additional time in becoming together with their little kids and talking to them so that they can have a superior connection.

8. Kumantong  owners need to show respect to the holy products. They ought to not stroll across the holy products or treat them like slaves. They ought to often recall that they depend on each other.

9. Be it Kumantong  or Ghost kid, the partnership in between them and their owners are inseparable. This is the most fundamental principle so the owners will have to be moral and behave effectively. As soon as the morals of their owners are raised to a larger level, it will advantage the small young children.

10. The great deeds completed are not just for the tiny young children but also for the Kumantong  owners themselves. The owners really should chant accordingly. They really should initially have an understanding of well the scriptures prior to they do the chanting.

11. Kumantong  owners can wear Kumantong  at anyplace except putting it in the pocket of the trousers. In case you hear of diverse strategies of treating Kumantong  and you have no way to justify it, you are advised to attempt this normal strategies just before going to Thailand to seek justification.

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