The Origin of Kumantong
                                                         Luang Phor Yam’s Kumantong

Kumantong was originated from General Khun Paen’s real story.
General Khun Paen was very handsome & talented, and he had many wives.
One day, General Khun Paen went into a forest to enslave young ghost getting ready to beck and call for the fight with his brother, Khun Chang.

In the forest, he met a beautiful lady Puchi (transliteration) (Kumantong’s mother).
He used his magic power to become husband and wife with her and she was pregnant later.
Thereafter, General Khun Paen did not get along well with Puchi’s father and they had dispute.
Puchi’s father was very angry when Khun Paen had once verbal insulted him, then he instigated the house maid to kill Khun Paen.
However, no matter using gun shoot or sword, Khun Paen couldn’t be hurt but the counterpart was trounced.
Thereafter, Puchi’s father told Puchi that Khun Paen wanted to kill him so he must fight back. He told her that she could find a better half as she has good requirements. He asked her to poisoned Khun Paen.

The baby spirit that Khun Paen enshrined told him the food given by Puchi had poison in it. Thus Khun Paen fed the bird with the food. He was shock that the bird died after eating the food.
Khun Paen was then very mad and thought that he couldn’t believe his wife anymore.
He then killed Puchi. He took the fetus out from Puchi’s body since he loved children so much, and he then made it as kumantong and bring it along with him.

                                                            Luang Phor Yam’s Kumantong

The Real Kumantong
Kumantong belongs to one of earlier Buddhism portraits in Thai. Worshiping Kumantong is mainly to bring good luck to oneself.
“Kuman” in Thai means to address little boy, while girl is “Kumali”
“Tong” in Thai has the meaning of gold, also means precious.
Actually Kumantong did not belong to official heritage of Buddhism dharma in earlier stage.
It belongs to “Saiyasart” magic, also a kind of voodoo.
However, due to this type of magic turning the dead baby spirit into kind baby spirit and retains the human nature, it was later grouping under legitimism spell of Buddhism.
                                                            Luang Phor Yam’s Kumantong

Kumantong is unborned baby that couldn’t take birth and fail to reincarnate that turn into spirit eventually. Therefore, the monks had researched the way they can become good, that is to combine the voodoo with dharma, so that they have the chance to do good deeds and accumulate their moralities. Then only they can reincarnate and rebirth.
The making of Kumantong includes reciting mantras in dharma assembly, blessing and burning till dry, then sending its mortal remains back to bury in cemetery. The spirit can only completely implanted into the Kumantong statue.
The Kumantong needs to go through legal dharma assembly’s ceremony, meaning getting recognition and mantra reciting from the monks before it has the chane to do good deeds.
After the ceremony, the Kumantong’s statue needed to cover up with golden foil, to show that it has determination to do good deeds and to guarantee it is harmless.
People who worship Kumantong must be sincere and always keep the thought of doing good deeds. Never treat Kumantong arbitrarily just because it is harmless.
Anyway, there is another type of Kumantong that is made by voodoo accordingly. It is not only haven’t gone through legal ceremony of dharma assembly but also contains female corpse oil. These are illegal Kumantong. Though it may bring you good luck, but it may also bring you serious and harmful consequences.

Luang Phor Yam’s Kumantong

Kumantong by Luang Phor and Ajarn

Kumantong can be divided into two types, which are made by Luang Phor or Ajarn.

Luang Phor in Thai means to appellation of monks.

Kumantong by Luang Phor is blessed by temples for worshipers to keep safe from harm, and to some extent increase the wealth fortune and luck of worshipers.

Do not give too much pressure to those Kumantong that are from temples, and better still have virtue in your state of mind.

Let these homeless soul to have a warm family and they will play their parts.

Ajarn in Thai means teacher, or better known the master or black magic master that we know.

Ajarn is freer compared to Luang Phor as the precepts to abide is lesser.

Taboos in blessing for the Kumantong are lesser too.

That is also why sometimes we heard that there are black magic masters who would kill little children to make high spiritual power Kumantong. This is definitely inadvisable to do so.

However, Thailand has totally banned this kind of activity but we occasionally heard of cases Ajarn killing children and caught by police. 

The mantra Ajarns use to bless for Kumantong will not be recited by common monks.

Ajarns have bigger freedom in blessing Kumantong, and its effects are usually more powerful than Kumantong blessed in temples.

Therefore, it is important to notice where your Kumantong belongs to before worshiping one.

And most importantly, is your worshiping mentality must be proper.

Or else you will get your own consequences.

You do not have to specially preparing things for worshiping Kumantong. They are just kids.

Just accompany them and talk to them often, buying some toys, biscuits, milk, sweets etc occasionally and they will be delighted.

However, if the Kumantong is not made through proper procedures, its worshiping methods might differ. And please be careful on this matter as kids may be easy to coax but some are easily hurt too. They will keep in their mind what the adults have done.

Luang Phor Yam’s Kumantong


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