LP Kloy HoonPaYon Ta Pa Kaw

Hoon Payon Ta Pa Kaw “Maha Wet” + “Maha MongKong” (1st batch), Luang Phor Kloy, 254

The format of HoonPaYon Ta Pa Kaw

– 4 element Yant on top of the right and left thigh. 4 element is Na Ma Pa Ta (soil, water, blow, fire). 
– Heart of Ta Pa Kaw Yant on Hoon Payon with white auspicious thread (string) or red auspicious thread (string). 
– There is Na-See yant or Om on this amulet. This sign is on right shoulder of Hoon Payon. Image of Hoon Payon is an old man which signify penance, power, great kindness and protection. 


This Hoon Payon amulet was blessed by many holy monks by 3 ceremonies. 

The first ceremony on 21 October 2005 at ChudTanBunPot Cave by 9 holy monks of Wat Khao Or.

The second ceremony, LP Kloy blessed this batch for 3 months at Wat PukalThong. 

The third ceremony by LP Kloy. Ceremony known as Ahpsuriyun-Ahpjunta, a Buddhist spell ceremony.

The Procedure:

The procedure to bless a Hoon Payon “Ta Pa Kaw” is not easy , the amulet needed to be chant in eight direction for “cleansing” purpose , after the amulet is cleanse , the chanting of the 32 parts of the body to make it come alive and turn into “Hoon Payon”.

Hoon Payon that is well bless also have four elements “Tecco Pathavi Vayo Appo” , Earth water wind and fire. Same like all things in the world that consist of this four elements.

Hoon Payon with real “life” will foresee and protect wearers with it’s scared powers from danger and sometimes wearers will also feel uneasy like six sense too (pray to the amulet you are wearing will help).

LP Kloy uses “vicha” to match all 32 parts of Hoon Payon so that it will come to “life” and see and feel and to protect. If use in home it will protect the house using it’s supernatural power according to LP Kloy.

The Image of Pra Lersi “Phoo bampenprot” in the Hoon Payon “Ta Pa Kaw” is a very great Teacher in the past with vast knowledge of “vicha”.

LP Kloy learnt his Hoon Payon Vicha from both Wat Khao Or and LP SaNga. 

RED Hoon Payon “Ta Pa Kao”

Uses “I Ti Rid” (Need to do more practise) magic regarding protection of dangerous people that is going to hurt you or people who have ill intention to hurm you.

WHITE Hoon Payon “Ta Pa Kao”
Uses “Boon Ya Rid” (Need to do more merits) regarding metta and selling , protection of interest and profit. 

The Red Have “ITIRid” meaning power of supernatural and The White have “BoonYaRid” meaning Puttakun power of Dharma.

The sacred objects (“Loha” and Yants 108) use to make Hoon Payon “Ta Pa Kaw” are from Teachers of LP Kloy (LP SaNga Wat Ban Moh RatchBuri and LP Eiat and Teachers from Wat Khao Or).

Sacred Spell “Na Ma Pa Ta” on both side of the Leg and the “Jon ga ben” wrap around his Leg uses 7 strings meaning of “Sang Vi Cha Pu Ga Ya Pa”. After That dip with 7 “bai mai” that do not “sleep” , “Bai Taan , Bai Lan , Bai Kanon , Bai Koon , Bai Payung , Bai Rak , Bai Jan”.

The first batch Hoon Payon “Ta Pa Kaw” have code on the right shoulder meaning “Ohm”. and do not have numbers behind the back

Overall Hoon Payon help the owner in Business or career, Bodyguard-High Protection from evil – black magic, Attract important people of higher power, Bring great auspicious, Look after the house or car.

Special: This is Superb 1st Batch HoonPaYon TaPaKaw White Thread Roon 1 (Height 2cm) strongly blessed by LP Kloy himself in years BE2548. This First Batch HoonPaYon is made from sacred Holy Samlit materials and bound with magic White Thread. Additional special soaked Magic Oil on the Hoonpayon to made this Hoon PaYon more powerful (Magic Oil soaked for 1st batch Hoonpayon only). Futhermore, LP Kloy wrote 108 Yant scripted on sheet materials before brought it to melted altogether, featured with LP SaNgah Yant scripted and Magic Yant from Wat Kao Or. This First Batch Hoonpayon was also blessed at “Tham Chan Than BanPot” (sacred cave) of Wat Khao Or.  It is a Holy place where made the amulet power become very strong and Powerful.

Price:  RM 3,388.00 (pair)


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