Phra Ngan How-To (绑眼指南)

There are many people enquiring about how to practise Phra Ngan effectively.

Unfortunately I cannot answer each enquiry due to my time and financial constraints.

So, I sort of list down some of the pointers hopefully will provide some basic guidelines and for the inspired to proceed:

·         First, check if Phra Ngan is for you:

o   Make sure that you do not belong to the broken strength type (魁罡破格).

o   Make sure that your character suits what Ngan wanted: smoking, alcohol, under table business such as gambling, social escorts and other types of side businesses.

o   If you are of those serious type that will yell out when people ask you to have a one night stand; then forget about Ngan.

o   If you are over 40 and have a stable family life. No intention to have age discrimination here, but if you already have a settled life; why bother to stir something up again?

·         Understand Ngan is not everything:

o   Ngan is only one of many spirits out there but made popular by common believes that it can attract opposite sex. For a lady in fact, a banana spirit fares better. For a more serious business person, then the mountain spirits or the 5 legionnaires are more preferable.

o   Ngan is not good in big and serious things… if you are thinking of getting some money from a millionaire, then don’t use Ngan.

·         You must be willing to invest:

o   A good Ngan amulet costs something around USD200 to USD500. Many people wanted good stuffs but unwilling to pay… On second thought, a cheap Ngan amulet only costs USD3 or so… Again, the choice is yours.

o   Ngan needs a good altar too but don’t mix ngan with your patron deities please. Ngan is something higher than Kumanthong but lower than the rest of the spirits in Thai magic pantheon.

o   Ngan needs to be offered once a week on Thursday night at around 11pm.

·         Please ask your master for Ngan instructions:        

o   You paid for the Ngan and your masters’ service, so ask them; as I am not obliged to answer on other person’s behalf.

o   I normally provide some sales service when someone has purchased from me.

o   The only Ngan I recognize is the Cambodian Ngan as that would be more authentic. The instructions for Cambodian Ngan have already posted out there.

Lastly, Ngan is not my favourite perhaps I already have too many spirits to work with. But the choice is still yours.


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