Phra Ngan – Kruba Orr

Phra Ngan from Kruba Orr – blessed this year personally by Kruba Orr. Kruba Orr is one of the highly respected monk in Chang Mai province. He is currently 99 years old this year. He was born in be 2459 and ordained as a monk in his mid 20s. Kruba Orr is from the Dai tribes who is blood related with the Ancestor of the current King lineage.The Dai tribe is one of the rare tribe that exists in China and also around Asia like Thailand, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia. Comes with temple serial code and holy gems/tarkut embedded below. Phra Ngan is well known to improve wearer Charsima, improve gambling luck, wealth fetching and granting of wishes. Gold : $108 BlackGold : $88 Deposit required for pre order. Will be back to Singapore on 26th March. Thanks


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