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Takrut Phra Ngan Maharaj

Phra Ngang is one of the most powerful underworld deity and its considered to be one of the highest form of Thai occult. Not many master knows the Wicca of Phra Ngang. It takes years and experience to master the art and spells of Phra Ngang. Each Akarat / Spells has its own meaning and significant purpose

This yantra is made and strongly blessed by Aghoreshwar Baba Rai with individual Khmer Phra Ngan Yant or Khom Akarat. Each yant has its own specific purpose.

Here is a list of Khmer Yant inscribed on this takrut

  • Yant Maha Amnaj – Great Authority. The wearer is rendered powerful in both senses, physical or in a more subtle way such as politically. This kind of yant is for people who command respect and obedience from others.
  • Yant Metta Maha Niyom – Gain Compassion & Loving Kindness from others. Popularity is achieved with one’s social circle and people will feel the need to help and provide favours.
  • Yant Kongkrapan Chatri – Invincibility against sharp weapons and physical harm caused by projectiles.
  • Yant Maha Saneh – Charm and Attraction towards Opposite Sex. Wearer will appear more Attractive and obtain love easily from the opposite sex.
  • Yant Klaew Klaad – Power of evasion. Any type of dangers are avoided through the power of this yant. Can even make the wearer be unseen by enemies and invisible from people who want to cause trouble.
  • Yant Tam Kwam – Obtain specific results through a complex formula designed to obtain a defined goal/results; classed as a Black Magic, Tam Kwam can be used to make a husband leave his wife, make someone fall ill and stop speaking about you, destroy enemies and many more.. *not to be abused*
  • Jang Ngang – Ability to paralyse or inability to react. This can be used against people who wants to cause harm to you or during confrontation.
  • Chok Lap – Increase Luck, Fortune and Windfall. Designed to bring wealth and fortuitous results such as promotion in work place, winning in lottery/gambling, achieve higher social standing etc etc

All these yants are combined together in this Phra Ngan takrut.

The special oil is also added in the takrut to enhance its Metta, Maha Saneh & Maha Niyom properties. This takrut can be used for many purposes as you can see from the info above, so we only advice that one should not abuse the Takrut for the wrong things. We at PPOS are not held responsible for your actions.



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