Thai Amulet and Talisman

If you enquired about an amulet that could protect you from evil and dangers, one of the many amulets cited may be the Phra Rod Wat Mahawan Buddha amulet. This amulet has over thousands of history and legend attached to it.

According to the ancient legend of Haripoonchai City or Lumpoon, a northern province of Thailand. The city was completely built by a group of ascetics purely by the power of magic. Once constructed the ascetics had to consider a suitable ruler for the city. Eventually, they concluded that, Pricess Charma Dhevi, the daughter of the King of Lawar, was the most suitable person to take over the throne. Therefore, they invited Pricess Charma Dhevi from Lawa Pura or Lopburi Province to be the Queen of Haripoonchai City, and thus she became first ruler of this ancient city.


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