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Benjapakee A Modern Collection

 Benjapakee, the grand set of five         You will often here the word Benjapakee when collectors refer to certain amulets.

Benjapakee is not a Thai word but originates from ancient Pali script. Benja means 5 kinds and Pakee means set. So in other words, a set of 5 kinds of amulet.

A collector of amulets, Mr Triyangpawai, first suggested this word as a term to summarize a combination of amulets. His friends would often wear multiple amulets but were never sure which set was the best choice.

He devised a simple guideline for this purpose. Thais like to wear multiple amulets because each amulet is believed to possess specific qualities such as reinforcing good virtue, avoiding catastrophe, bringing general prosperity, or providing supernatural powers.

The  guideline which he suggested and has since been adopted was based on the principle that after enlightenment the Buddha had five students and as such grouping five types of amulets together would be a sensible choice.

The five types of amulet in this group are:

  1. Phra Rod  
  2. Phra Nang phaya (The Queen)  
  3. Phra Thung Seti (Somkor)  
  4. Phra Phong Supan  
  5. Phra Somdej (The king)  

Correct Order of Amulets

The suggested order of amulets are as follows: Phra Somdej in the centre, Phra Rod at top Left, Phra Nang Phya at top right, Phra Phong Supan at bottom left and Phra Somkor and bottom right. 

I always find it interesting that the queen of amulets, Nangphya, is not placed next to the king of amulets, Somdej, as one would as part of a Tripakee.(set of three)

The Tripakee is a popular combination of three amulets. Phra Somdej at centre, Phra Rod on the left and Phra Nang Phya on the right.

Just try and remember that this is only a guide and at the end of the day the exact order is not that important, enjoy your amulets and dont be too serious.

Benjapakee – A Contemporary Collection

I am often asked how best to assemble a personal set of Benjapakee amulets. It’s almost impossible to create an original set as the price would be well beyond the means of most collectors. The solution however is to create a set based on contemporary amulets that have some relevance to the original set.

Most experts and magazine articles are pretty much in agreement as to what constitutes a modern collection. This is commonly referred to in the world of Thai amulets as the Benjapakee Suite Lek


Phra Rod A.  Phra Rod Wat Prasingh BE 2496
Phra Nangphya A.  Nangphya Wat Nangphya – Ajahn Tanom
B.  Nangphya Wat  Bortongkum (original)
Phra Pong Suphan  A.  Pra Pong Suphan – Wat Praroop
Phra Thung Sethi A.  Phra Somkor Kru Larn Dokmai
B.  Phra Leela 25 sattawas
C.  Phra Leela Kru Larn Dokmai
Phra Somdej A. Wat Rakhang – LP Nak
B.  Wat Rakhang – Somdej Pilant / Somdej Toh
C. Wat Khun In – Somdej Toh
D. Wat Intharaviharn – Phra Kru Sung



We can make up a beautiful ready to wear Benjapakee collection for you.

All amulets will be professionally  cased in hand made, waterproof, Sterling Silver or Stainless Steel.


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