Thailand Benjapakee Amulets

Because of his reputation many other temples had asked Luang Phor Tim to help create various series of sacred amulets, including this amulet. Actually the amulet was made and blessed by Luang Phor Tim at Wat Lahanrai, but released from Wat Kudngong.

Mr.Chinporn Suksatit, a close follower of Luang Phor Tim confirmed that these amulets were equally as sacred as any other amulet blessed by Luang Phor Tim, but far less expensive.
  This series of Phra Pitda amulets were actually quite different to any other series that Luang Phor Tim had created previously. He did not on this occasion use his famous Pong Plaai Guman powder, but old Phra Pitda amulets collected from Luang Phor Jean, a senior monk at Wat Tarlard, Chachoengsao Province instead. He had kept this powder for almost two years.

Luang Phor Jean himself  was highly respected for his Phra Pitda amulets which today are some of the most expensive in Thailand.

Anyone, who worships this series of Phra Pitda amulets will receive the blessing and protection from two very sacred monks, Luang Phor Tim and Luang Phor Jean.

Other amulets in this particular series include Phra Somdej, rien, and nangkwak, however it was only the Phra Pitda amulets made from LP Jeans powder.

Actually Mr.Chinporn also revealed that Luang Poo Tim blessed this powder for almost two years prior to using it to create these amulets and some have said these are in fact the most powerful of all his Phra Pitda. There are both red and black versions of this amulet


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