What is Phra Ngan?

Before you continue… repeat this: Phra Ngan originated from Cambodia…good…repeat again…. Phra Ngan originated from Cambodia….once more… Phra Ngan originated from Cambodia

Now, repeat this: Phra Ngan do not come from thailand and it is not part of the main deities that thai people worship. it’s a bit long but repeat it anyway….Phra Ngan do not come from thailand and it is not part of the main deities that thai people worship….one last time….Phra Ngan do not come from thailand and it is not part of the main deities that thai people worship.

If it is not part of the main deities thai people worship, it wouldn’t be the highest level of thai occult. period.

Many who started to believe in Thai Buddhism and thai amulets would had come across the term Phra Ngan. There are plenty of hearsays and misconceptions about Phra Ngan and its effects as well as the methods of worshipping. Those who have prayed to barangs like kmt, nmp, spirits commented that once you have prayed to Phra Ngan, you would not want to pray to your previous barangs as wholeheartedly because phra ngans provided a stronger effect or answer your wishes more efficiently.



Certain sects label it as Ghost King, Demon King, a very yin being or Warlock. These are not untrue because Phra Ngan was evil hence, some archans are able to conduct spells with phra ngan to do evil stuffs. Notice the usage of the word “was”.

Phra Ngan with a higher level of cultivation: Phra Chai. Phra Chai isn’t Buddha!

Phra Ngans are essentially mountain deities(山神). There are more than 7 forms of phra ngans, the exact number would not be disclosed openly on this site unfortunately.

To put it in the correct class, phra ngans belong to the deity level of mountain spirits/demons and they are very yin in nature. The buchas of phra ngans dated back to the Ayuttaya period (1351 to 1767) where people name the phra ngans, without armour, as phra chai mongkol or victory buddha. They are shaped as a buddha, wearing a crown with a pointy tip with a gentle smile on its face. Phra Ngans are usually found in mountains. Certain Phra Ngans are found in cities as well, near to temples where they would cultivate.

How did such an image evolve to the current red eye phra ngans?

During the destruction of the Ayutthaya Dynasty by the Burmese, a lot of Phra Ngans were kept in the belly of the big Buddha. Some of the Buddha statues were destroyed, and the crown of these phra ngans were crooked as a result. It was a war ground and many solders died. Some said that the red color eyes were due to tin oxidation (not copper as prolonged oxidation of copper makes it black/green instead of red and considering that few hundred years had passed, the oxidation of copper should become black but it was witnessed as black so the bulk of the material back then shouldn’t be copper) while others said that it was due to the blood of the deceased soldiers. A simple analysis would show that the materials for ayuttaya phra ngans contain little tin so the first hearsay isn’t correct. That makes the blood of the soldiers on the phra ngan images more plausible. With so many buddha statues on a war ground that was covered with blood and with so many deaths, it was natural that the place attracted beings that would reside in the statues as it was rumored that the statues given to the soldiers weren’t blessed.

As mentioned earlier, phra ngans are the deities of mountain spirits/demons and they are very yin in nature. What constitute mountain spirits/demons? There are many examples such as snakes, frogs, lizards, spiders, centipedes, scorpions etc., basically animals/beings in the mountain that has gotten enough cultivation to become a demon (精) and from there, those with enough cultivation would be regarded as a deity. Since they are found in mountains as well as cities, phra ngans refer to a class of cultivated beings. As such, there are many different kinds of phra ngans and in each kind, there are different types.

In thailand, phra ngans help archans to do spells and block black magic. In Cambodia, phra ngans help their owners become more sexually attractive, block black magic and they are worshipped as evil deities.

This explains why there are many different sects and methods of worship for real phra ngans.


The popular forms of Phra ngan would be

  • Phra Chai
  • Phra Ngan
  • Por Ngan: Ngan with an erection
  • Pra Ngang Siarn Lone: bald headed Ngang or Botak Ngan
  • Ngan Ta Daengred eyed Ngan (Ta: Eyes, Daeng: red)

Different sects have different ways of praying to Phra Ngan and have different kathas for Phra Ngan.

Phra Ngan originated from Khmer, Cambodia, not Thailand. In recent years, there have been a mass production of phra ngan buchas and amulets from thailand.

It has resulted in 2 different kinds of phra ngans:

1. the real phra ngan

2. phra ngan statues or amulets with ghosts residing in it

The general worshipping methods work on these 2 different kinds of phra ngans but the kathas for (1) do not work for (2) and often cause harm to those in (2) and in some cases, it might even kill those in (2), resulting in bad karma. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that the phra ngans that you had purchased fall in  (1) instead of (2).

A rule of thumb: real phra ngans are made from metal(often), non-human bones(occasionally) and jade(rarely); seldom are they made from powder. Phra Ngans that are made from powder and plenty of yin materials are usually ghosts. Phra Ngans that are made from metal but encased in amulets with plenty of yin materials surrounding them are ghosts as well. These are ghosts that frequent Places of Intoxication, Brothels and Gambling Casinos, and they like to smoke, fight, drink and lead a promiscuous lifestyle.


Effects of phra ngan:

  • sexual attraction
  • increase charisma
  • protection from black magic
  • protection from danger

The following effect is valid for older phra ngans such as ayuttaya phra ngans or phra ngans created by the master specially for this purpose because it takes time to consecrate a phra ngan with such an effect so most masters do not add in this effect for the new phra ngans in the market:

  • conducting spells (wealth, protection, gambling, black magic, etc,.)

Attracting wealth isn’t the main function of phra ngans.

It’s true that certain masters consecrate phra ngans with wealth attraction effects:

This is similar to genetically modifying a carrot to allow it to produce more calcium. The main nutrient of carrot is beta-carotene, not calcium. If you’re getting a calcium-fortified carrot, it would be more expensive than a normal carrot

It’s also true that certain masters/users conduct wealth rituals with phra ngans to attract more wealth. The phra ngan would cost you more because phra ngans that allows you to conduct rituals and spells are often ayuttaya phra ngans (antiques are more expensive than non-antiques) or phra ngans that were created specially for this purpose just for you. The time taken to chant 1 phra ngan by the master is the same as the time taken to chant 10 or even hundred phra ngans. Again, we have the carrot theory: you would like to have a calcium-fortified carrot. It simply means that you need a carrot that is able to accept the calcium producing gene and you would have to insert the gene by yourself and you would need to learn the way of inserting it.

Ayuttaya Phra Ngan refers to phra ngan made during the ayuttaya period; they should be at least 300 years old. Nowadays, there are phra ngans that are 100, 200 years old or worse, phra ngans less than 5 years old but are artificially aged to look like ayuttaya phra ngans. Be real careful when buying ayuttaya phra ngans and in general, 1 authentic ayuttaya phra ngan costs at least $500 SGD.

General Phra Ngan offerings:

Phra Chai, Phra See and ayuttayha phra ngans without barang materials can be placed with buddha statues and even lersi provided that only water and flowers are offered.

  • Betel nuts
  • Betel leaves
  • cigarettes
  • mixed flowers
  • thai lemons (Some would comment that thai lemons weaken the power of phra ngans because they are for cleansing purposes. Well, it shows that your phra ngan is a ghost)
  • green bananas
  • plain water changed daily
  • rice wine, stout or hard liquor

The white way of offering:

  • plain water
  • jasmine flowers

The black way of offering:

  • not recommended, hence, nothing would be mentioned here

Note: Some dealers would tell you to dip the phra ngans in liquids like alcohol or eggs. Please use common sense; Liquid/solvents will damage your amulet and backfire might result. There is undoubtedly such ways of treating phra ngans but one has to reach a certain level before applying the methods.


the kathas would not be shared openly because it allows one to bond with phra ngan at a faster rate. By bonding with phra ngan at a faster rate, good or evil wishes would be granted at a faster rate as well.


Phra ngans can be worn on the neck or be put in the pocket or around the waist. For attraction or increase of charisma, place it in your left pocket. For anything else, it would be in your right pocket. It is common sense to leave ayuttaya phra ngans at the alter as they are too fragile to be brought out.

It is very important to do good deeds and donate the merits to phra ngans.

Ngan worship is getting popular because

  1. it is powerful for attracting the opposite sex
  2. Kong Grapan
  3. good luck and wealth luck
  4. for some, gambling
  5. Maha Ut
  6. doesn’t have restrictions on its usage. Note: certain masters have restrictions on the usage of phra ngans made by them
  7. helps the owner regardless of whether they are good or bad

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