Sat Shree & New Dharma

SAT SHREE’S Teachings have three aspects: the teaching themselves; trainings, and manifestation.

The Teachings themselves awaken and develop the innate intelligence that allows you to know the difference between Truth and untruth, real and unreal. The trainings convert this awareness into experience, setting in motion a transformational process that makes it REAL for you. The Manifestation allows you to develop your capacity to create, expand and sustain this awareness and experience, to make it more and more REAL, something you can live, day to day.

The Teachings are the writings, the recordings, the public talks and conference calls. The Trainings are the Satsangs, the Workshops and Retreats in the United States and India. The Manifestation Projects are opportunities to radically reorient your life to become a channel or instrument for Truth Manifestation.

These three aspects of Sat Shree’s teaching assist you in creating an intentional spiritual life, committed to manifest Truth Consciousness in you, those around you and in the world. An example of a manifestation project is to participate with and/or establish a New Dharma spiritual center in the community where you currently live.



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