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How can I watch the course content?

On your computer, tablet or mobile phone. Viewing via Roku and Chromecast is also supported.


Do I need prior Kundalini yoga experience to take this course?

This program is designed to be accessible to practitioners of all levels, shapes and sizes. If you are new to Kundalini Yoga, welcome.

This teacher training program is taught in a way that makes the Kundalini kriyas accessible to you. Even if you have previously attended Kundalini yoga classes, this training program will give you an in-depth understanding of the Kundalini kriyas, how they work, and why we do them. So even if you’ve had experience with Kundalini yoga in the past, this course covers new topics that likely aren’t covered in regular Kundalini Yoga classes.


Can I teach Kundalini Yoga classes with this teacher training?

Yes! We cover Kundalini kriyas, mantras, mudras, pranayamas, and meditation, as well as recommend books that contain the kriyas so that you can successfully and safely teach Kundalini yoga to your students. The teacher training program includes helpful outlines on how to understand the kriyas, pranayamas, meditation, and final relaxation. By the end of this certification program, you will be well-equipped to be an effective and confident yoga instructor.


Will the training cover teaching any other parts of living a yogic lifestyle, besides just leading physical classes?

Yes! This program has a heavy focus on meditation, pranayama breathwork, humanology, the chakras, igniting your best life through yoga, and bringing Kundalini technology into your daily life. It will be a comprehensive course on yogic philosophy through the Kundalini lens.


Is YTT a good time/place to work through mental or emotional blocks? What if I’m at a crossroads or feeling stuck?

Many students tell us they gain clarity on many aspects of their life beyond the yoga mat as they move through this program. Yoga Teacher Training is by nature a transformational experience. If you’re feeling stuck or need change in any area of your life, the wisdom of this ancient science of Kundalini Yoga will inspire you.


Can I take this training if I am a Christian or practice another religion?

Absolutely. Kundalini Yoga is not a religious practice. It is an ancient philosophy and physical practice that does not interfere with any religious beliefs and welcomes questions if contradictions or belief conflicts arise. This practice gives you practical strategies to build a successful yoga practice. You can incorporate your daily practice as a Kundalini yoga practitioner with whatever faith-based beliefs you currently hold.


Can I buy just some of the videos instead of the full course?

Concepts in these classes and tutorials build upon one another. For this reason, they are sold together and cannot be purchased individually. Especially when it comes to Kundalini yoga kriyas, pranayam breathing, mantras, and mudras, which all work with the subtle energy body and the chakras, it’s important that these concepts are all taught together as they can be quite powerful.


Is this Kundalini Yoga teacher training included in my Uplifted™ membership?

No. There are small introductory sections of this course that are also in the Uplifted membership, such as the 6-day beginner Kundalini series, that are included in the course to help students with no experience transition more easily. But the rest of the course is very different than what is included in the membership and will ultimately prepare you for your yoga instructor certification, unlike the introductory series.


I’ve taken Brett’s Online 200-Hour or 300-Hour YTT and/or Bridge program – is it worth it for me to take this Kundalini Teacher Training?

Yes, it’s the natural next step for those who want to take both their yoga practice and spiritual practice deeper. It’ll create cataclysmic shifts in your life. You cannot stay stuck with a regular practice of the Kundalini yoga kriyas. If you’re looking to elevate your mindset and supercharge your spiritual practice, then this training program is a beautiful and powerful opportunity that builds upon the foundations taught in the original Uplifted™ online certification program.


How is this different from Guru Singh’s in-person Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training?

The Kundalini University online curriculum is completely unique – meticulously curated by Guru Singh over the past 50+ years. The online format offers more direct access to Guru Singh than a live in-person training. The global nature of the program attracts a more diverse student base. Best of all, it’s more affordable and accessible to students worldwide than our in-person training.


Can I take this course if I already have my 200-Hour YTT certificate from Brett, Guru Singh, or another yoga school?

Yes, definitely! This online training course builds on the 200-hour YTT curriculum that most yoga schools cover. It builds on the subtle body principles and moving Kundalini energy through the chakras. Kundalini is fundamentally different than Hatha and Vinyasa in many ways. For example, we will look at the 5 Maps of Conscious Living, cover the 10 Bodies, the chakras, chants in Gurmukhi instead of Sanskrit, and more mantra work than is covered in newer, modern yoga styles. It’s completely different


How much of training is taught by Brett and how much by Guru Singh?

This training offers students the best of both worlds: Guru Singh’s 35+ years of KRI teacher training experience fused with Brett’s actionable tips on how to make Kundalini yoga relatable to students of all levels and abilities. Brett takes the lead on teaching anatomy, alignment and adaptations. Detail-oriented modules from Brett walk you through how to cue, create, and confidently structure approachable Kundalini classes for a diverse student population. Guru Singh teaches the more esoteric aspects of Kundalini yoga philosophy: metaphysiology, cosmology, and the science of kriya. The majority of the Foundational Pathways Teaching course (pre-recorded content) is designed and taught by Brett. The majority of the live calls are led by Guru Singh. That being said, this course is an intimate collaboration. Brett will also lead select live calls. Students will have the opportunity to ask questions, spend time, and take class live with both Brett and Guru Singh.


Is this Kundalini course sanctioned by KRI (Kundalini Research Institute)?

We are working closely and in a spirit of collaboration with KRI to bring you a modern, updated teacher training. A Kundalini University certification offers the same Yoga Alliance approved certification as KRI.

Note: Our curriculum is based on Guru Singh’s 35+ years of KRI teacher training experience. This training expands on elements established by KRI, bringing a new, modern perspective to sharing these ancient teachings. (And of course, it is online with the proven format of Brett Larkin’s Uplifted™ Online Trainings, with all the convenience, intimacy, caring community and cutting-edge techniques to accelerate your journey of transformation.)

If you do decide to do a KRI training down the line, such as their Aquarian teacher program, then this is a good stepping stone for you. Think of this course like a bridge between Hatha, Vinyasa and KRI. This training equips you with all the tools, mantras, attunements, meditations, and sutras you need to successfully teach Kundalini Yoga.


How Is Kundalini different than regular yoga?

Kundalini Yoga is very different than Hatha or Vinyasa yoga. Kundalini is said to cover all 8 Limbs of Yoga in each Kundalini set. Hatha yoga approaches the 8 limbs one after another, with asana, meditation, mantra, and pranayam breathing all done separately from one another. Kundalini kriyas combine all 8 limbs at once. This is why you will see Kundalini Yoga classes taught by a certified instructor guide you through repetitive and systematic movements, adding chanting and pranayama altogether at once. Kundalini is also more prescriptive, meaning there is a kriya for the liver, for example, rather than sequencing your own classes like with Hatha yoga. Everything is preset. This kind of yoga practice can be more powerful and potent for many. But that’s why we created this course, to make Kundalini more approachable for everyone so that everyone has access to this deep and powerful spiritual practice.

This program teaches you pranayama breathing techniques, yoga and meditation from the Kundalini perspective, Tantric principles of the energetic body, and is an opportunity to dive deeper into your own sadhana (spiritual practice) as a yoga instructor.


What if I have absolutely no experience with Kundalini?

That’s okay! While those with experience will have a foundation from which to build, you won’t be at a disadvantage for not having any Tantric yoga or Kundalini experience. It’s more likely that those with experience have gotten a taste of the incredible power that Kundalini yoga has to offer and how it has affected their health and well-being, which you will soon experience for yourself.

If you’ve never stepped foot in a Kundalini Yoga class, many kriyas and classes are provided for you in your coursework. We also send you our Pre-Training Pathways Course before the Live Call portion of the training begins. This course brings all students on the same page in terms of yogic philosophy and Kundalini kriyas and alignment. If you’re a beginner – don’t worry! This course will meet you where you are.

Do I have to buy any additional materials?

Generally no but we do recommend some books to deepen your knowledge, all of which you can buy for less than $30 or get from your local library, but they’re not mandatory. The only thing that is needed outside of this program is a reliable internet connection and a device from which you can participate.

Does this course break down all of the Kundalini yoga, asana, pranayama, mudras, and chants?

Yes, this content is delivered through high-quality videos where you see Brett Larkin adjusting students in their postures. It also includes Kundalini Yoga kriyas unique to Guru Singh. We also address other important concepts like the bandhas, dristis, mudras, mantras, meditation and pranayamas. Put together in specific sequences makes it a ‘kriya’, or a prescriptive practice for healing. There’s a lot to cover in this Kundalini Yoga teacher training program. We go over all of it in great detail together.


What if I’m pregnant?

You can definitely take this course if you’re pregnant, it will deepen the awareness of your body. However, keep in mind that some of these practices may be contraindicated after the 120th day (4 months) after conception. If you are pregnant, then you might want to also sign up for the Brett’s Pregnant and Powerful course, which is inspired by Kundalini practices.


Should I take this course after the Uplifted Online Yoga Teacher Training Program?

This fully depends on where your interests lie. The Uplifted™  200-Hour YTT course is an incredible program that covers all the basics of Hatha yoga and Vinyasa yoga, which serves as a great foundation for the Kundalini YTT. If you already have a daily practice of asana, mantra, and pranayama and you want to experience more healing or learn more about authentic yogic philosophy, then this is an amazing opportunity to do so.


How is this training handling Yoga Bhajan and the recent allegations?

Yogi Bhajan, like so many other great masters, came out of India and onto the world stage in the late 1960’s. He taught Kundalini Yoga and meditation until his death in 2004. Guru Singh began studying with him just days after his arrival in January of 1969. It was Yogi Bhajan’s destiny to bring these teachings and share them with hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world. Today there are tens of thousands of teaching centers and millions of students who’ve been deeply affected and uplifted by Kundalini Yoga. 

At Kundalini University, we believe these ancient teachings trace back through history. They’re not the product of any one teacher or master. They continue to grow to this very day. A long chain of masters contributed to the body of Kundalini, transcending the contributions of any one individual. As is the case with every profession and professional, there’s also the person, the personality and the personal life. In the case of Yogi Bhajan, there are now stories surfacing about him as a person and about his personal life. These disturbing realities echo in the world of Kundalini Yoga.


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