Welcome to the Buddha-Dharma Centre of Hong Kong Ltd

The Buddha-Dharma Centre of Hong Kong Ltd.(BDCHK) was established in April 2012. The primary aims of the Centre are to promote the integration of Buddhist Studies and Dharma practice. Under this broad aspect, BDCHK promotes the study and research of Buddhism through academic courses and publications. Enrolment to its academic programmes will be open to local as well as students from abroad and from both the lay and sangha communities. It will also conduct regular seminars, lectures and conferences and organize related activities which will be open to the general public.

BDCHK is a charitable institution registered under section 88 Inland Revenue Ordinance, Cap. 112 Laws of Hong Kong. (Any cash donation above HK$100 is tax-deductible.)

We strive to integrate study with practice in accordance with the doctrine of the five spiritual faculties: faith, vigour, mindfulness, equipoise and wisdom.

We offer academic programmes (including Diploma in Pali and Buddhist Studies, Master of Arts Degree in Buddhist Studies, Master of Philosophy in Buddhist Studies and Doctor of Philosophy in Buddhist Studies) as well as special courses. For detail, please see http://buddhadharma.co/Courses

香港佛法中心創建於2012年4月,以「佛學而學佛, 學佛而佛學」為宗旨,弘揚佛法,提倡佛法教育,並從事慈善事業。依據信、勤、念、定、慧「五根」,中心將佛學研究與修行相結合,幫助人們實現和諧的日常生活,使人們全面深入地認識佛教,消除宗派成見。



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