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Kundalini and a healthy lifestyle

by chrism

This is a “general” list recommended by chrism – he has found this list helpful for those within a Kundalini process. He often will suggest specific items for an individual. Please check with him about your needs.
There are direct correlations in all areas of the body. Hormonal, lymphatic, respiratory, circulatory, skeletal, genital urinary, reproductive, nervous system, Muscular skeletal, olfactory systems.
All parts and systems of the body are inside of the awakening process. Basically what the flower is to the leaves and to the stem and to the base and to the roots. We are enmeshed compression’s of connectivity. All areas of the body will have “effect’ from the Kundalini. Including dermal collagen production.
Regarding supplementation:
Vitamin Recommendations
I suggest people to retain a high intake of Vit C “complex” consisting of at least:
1000 mg Vit. C
100 mg of hesperiden
100 mg of citrus bioflavinols
100 mg of rutin
As well as:
100 mg of Zinc
100 to 200 “mcg” of Selenium
Vitamin B Complex
Vitamin E – 400 to 1000 i.u. of natural tocepherol
100 mg of grape seed extract or pychnogenol
A strong mineral mix.
Taken with food every other day. Or twice or thrice a week. You determine this.
Make your food as “unprocessed” as you can. A raw diet is one of the best diets for the Kundalini awakening individual. If you are a meat eater then Sushi style preps are best. If veggies then steaming or merely eating them raw. Not too much of the spices as they can cause a reaction of burning more of the nutrients via the Kundalini than is needed. Fruits, nuts, berries, honey (bee moderate – lol) are all good. Not processed honey though – get the natural comb if you can. Kundalini will use up the body resources at an expanded rate. So it is important to re-supply the body with these materials. Eat Watermelon daily if you can. Stay hydrated, Drink copious fluids especially in the first five years of the awakening. Nothing written here is to be construed in any way shape or form as medical advice. – chrism


Kundalini Myers Drip

I will suggest all Kundalini people who can to get a Meyers drip IV’d into them.  This is part of an infusion therapy. I have done this myself more than once. It’s very good. It is a strong form of vitamin C dripped directly into the vein.  This is not available everywhere but if it is available where you are and you can spend the money to do it. The cost is about 55 to $70. And one will have to go through some sort of a medical intake to partake of this. I have been talking with someone about certain kinds of therapies and this one came up and I remembered my experiences with it were very positive. I cannot afford it myself these days but I have done it before and I strongly recommend it. 




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