3. To you who are totally exhausted from fighting with your spouse

“The question isn’t who’s right. You’re simply seeing things from different points of view.”

“Stop trying to be something special – and just be what you are. Hold fire. Just sit!”

“It all begins when we say, “I”. Everything that follows is illusion.”

“Everyone imagines that their ego is something unchangeable, some immovable center-point which everything revolves around. There once was a man who said, “Look, everyone is dying except me!” He’s been dead for a long time now.”

“Everybody talks about marrying for love, but isn’t it really just marrying for sex? In the end isn’t it really only about a penis and a vagina? Why doesn’t anybody simply say that he’s fallen in love with a vagina?”

“Take a look sometime at the face of a dog who’s just had sex. He just stares into space with strangely empty eyes. It’s exactly the same with people – in the beginning they work themselves up into a frenzy, and in the end there’s nothing at all.”

“A man who understands nothing marries a woman who understands nothing, and everyone says, “Congratulations!” Now that’s something I cannot understand.”

“Family is the place where parents and children, husband and wife simultaneously all get on each other’s nerves.”

“When a child is defiant, the parents curse, “You don’t understand anything!” But what are the parents like? Isn’t it also true that they don’t understand anything either? Everyone is lost in ignorance.”

“Everyone is talking about education, but what are we being educated to be? Ordinary citizens, that’s all.”

“Even funnier than watching the monkeys at the zoo is observing these humans on the loose.”


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