Buddhism Beliefs And Teachings

Buddhism Beliefs And Teachings – Buddhism is a very peaceful religion. And I realized that as Christian. This beautiful religion teaches kindness, compassion, love and respect for every creation. If we master these qualities or emotions, the world would become a better place. But there are many interesting Buddhism Beliefs And Teachings that you should know about. They will make you see how deeply compassionate this religion really is.

Buddhism Beliefs And Teachings – 5 Amazing Beliefs

Buddha isn’t a God – the word “buddha” means “the enlightened one”, not God. Because every Buddha as a normal human being before reaching enlightenment. Also, when he reached that amazing state of mind, he didn’t set rules to follow, he just gave advices, so others can become buddhas too.

The purpose of life – in Buddhism there is no purpose in life. There are some goals, but those are not divine purposes. One of these goals is to end suffering or to pay your karmic debt.

Meditation is very important – the enlightenment comes always in meditative states. Therefore, enlightenment requires a quiet mind. You need meditation so you can examine your mind, emotions and thoughts. Mindfulness is as important as meditation. Doing your everyday tasks in a mindful state will increase your chances to become an enlightened one.

Your body is important – this life from the creator is important. You have to value it and live as long as possible. For a longer life, you need a healthy body. Therefore, you have to take care of your physical body as much as you care about your spirit.

Be compassionate – compassion is the key in Buddhism. It is connected to wisdom. Because as wiser you get, as more compassionate you become. And with compassion comes wisdom. Therefore, they are proportional.

Buddhism Beliefs And Teachings

Buddhism Beliefs And Teachings – The Fundamental Teachings

The 3 signs of being – They are “change”, “suffering” and “no I”. Change signifies that fact that in this world everything changes, nothing stays the same. And we ourselves need to change. The second sign of being depicts the fact that this life is full of suffering. There is no life without suffering. But the suffering is important, because it makes us appreciate happiness. The third sign is a little more difficult to explain. Because in Buddhism there is no I or self. Due to the first sign, everything is changing. Therefore, even the self changes. And it is just a temporary collection of elements. Which you can’t identify as. As a result, the I doesn’t exist.

The Four Noble Truths – they are all centered around Suffering. The first noble truth is Suffering itself. The second one is the Origin of Suffering. Then the third one is the cessation of suffering and the last one is about the way leading to the cessation of suffering. These four noble truths refer to the analyzing of our suffering. We have to find its root and the way we can eliminate it.

The Three Fires – They are considered the roots of suffering. The three fires are desire, anger and delusion. You have to master these “fires”. Because if you don’t learn to master them, then they will lead your life.

The Noble Eightfold Path – The are: right view, thought, speech, action, livelihood, effort, mindfulness and concentration. And they lead to enlightenment.

These Buddhism Beliefs And Teachings are truly full of wisdom. They teach compassion, conquer of bad behaviors and thoughts and the ending of suffering. These teachings lead to a happy life. Not absent of suffering, but with a wise perspective towards it.


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