Karma and Rebirth

Course Description: 

Karma – How to practice Dharma and the Karmic Law of Cause and Effect 

This is an in-depth course exploring Karma and rebirth. According to the law of cause and effect you don’t only live once. Understand the logic behind the idea of rebirth.

What are the conditions for a good rebirth vs a bad rebirth? What makes being a human life precious? In this talk, Rinpoche will explain karma and cyclic existence focusing on the conditions for that are necessary for human birth.

Who is this for

This course is for anyone who would like to develop a deeper understanding of life.

What will you learn

You will learn about why we are here, where have we come from and where are we going through the Buddhist teachings  of cause and effect.

Course Benefits

  1. A deeper understanding of the world
  2. New methods for creating direction in our lives
  3. Creating happiness for ourselves and others

8 week series that meets once a week on Sundays.
Starts May 16
9:30 PM AEDT Melbourne
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Required Course Materials 
You will need a copy of the Unveiling Your Sacred Truth Book 1.  For those in Australia and Asia, you can purchase it on the Rimé Institute Website at rimebuddhism.com.  For those in the rest of the world please purchase it at store.dzokden.org

Dana and Course Offering

Donate at the amount you are able to offer. Please be mindful the sliding scale is specifically made to be inclusive to accommodate people in countries wealthy as well as less affluent countries. Our normal minimum class fee for this series is $80. No one with genuine interest to practice is turned away for lack of funds. Please write to [email protected]


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