Four Noble Paths

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Four Noble Paths (四清い道,Shikiyoidō) is a Tenseigan technique used by those who posess the legendary eye power. It is known to be the final part of the six paths. With it, one is able to control the “Four Noble Paths”, four powerful techniques unique to the Tenseigan itself. Unlike the Six Paths technique, it cannot divided up and given to reanimated corpses.


Through the use of the Inner Path the user is able to gain an understanding of his or her self. This understanding allows the user to see themselves for what they are and enter a divine state of consciousness. While in this state the user is able to understand and manipulate their energy to a much greater degree then normal. This allows the use to achieve feats that, that couldn’t do otherwise.


This technique is based of the the four noble realms in the Mahayana Mahayana Buddhist cosmology, the four higher realms are four of the Ten Spiritual Realms. The four higher worlds are characterized by the belief that humans need to make an effort to reveal themselves from within their lives.

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