Wat chang hai – Luangpu Thuad

“Story of LP Thuad turned salt water into drinkable water”

Luang Phor/Pu Thuad (LP Thuad) is a legendary monk of times past. In our generation, he is famous for amulets made in his image which many believe hold great protective powers which have been proven to be effective time and again.

One of the most told story of LP Thuad was once when he was able to turned salt water into drinkable water, here is the story lines:

LP Thuad took a boat bound northwards to Ayuthaya province (a former capital of Thailand). After sailing for half a day, the boat met with great storms. The crew were frightened. The boat did not arrive at its destination after drifting for several days. The supplies of drinking water were running low. The crew, being superstitious, unfairly blamed their misfortune on the presence of LP Thuad. They planned to throw him overboard into the sea. 

Sensing their ill intentions, LP Thuad calmly consoled them that they needed not worry about drinking water as there was plenty around. As he stretched his leg out of the boat, the storm suddenly abated. Using his leg, he drew a circle on the sea and told the boatmen to draw water within it to drink.  The crew was furious! They thought that this monk was trying to pull a fast one on them (that is, they thought he was trying to trick them). After LP Thuad’s assurance that the water is actually drinkable, one of them decided to give it a try. He found that the water was indeed fit for consumption! Soon the rest of the crew went to drink the water to verify it for themselves. One curious crew member purposely tasted the water outside the circle and shouted that it was salty. The crew soon abandoned their thoughts of harming LP Thuad.

LP Thuad amulets are (based on my knowledge and research) known for the following powers:

1) Protection from accidents (such as traffic accidents and even natural disasters and so on) 

2) Protection from all sorts danger

3) Protection from black magic and any form of offensive spells

4) Protection from evil spirits, demons and other hostile malevolent other-worldly entities

Wat chang hai