How am I aware that Kumantong is staying in my house?

Many new Kumantong Owners are anxiously waiting and hoping to see their Kumantongs to perform amazing stunts ( Play with the water by sucking the straw, Pushing Toy Car / Ball etc) to notify their presence.

Some Kumantongs are very powerful and always do amazing stunts to entertain You or scare You on a daily basis.  The SAD TRUTH is.. most Kumantongs are not interested to show You their presence or have no power to do stunts to make their presence known.

Another problem is most Kumantong Owners , in fact all of them, can’t tell the difference whether their Kumantongs are genuine or fake. The worst thing is You are praying to a Fake Kumantong ( Statue without Kumantong Spirit) which You think it is real.

If You are cheapskate who insist in buying only cheap Kumantong Statue from a Road Side Store (even in Thailand), 99% chance You have bought a fake.

If Your Kumantong doesn’t perform stunts to show You their presence, the best way is to consistently STRIKE THE LOTTERY (4D /TOTO / PICK 3 / PICK 4 / LOTTO)  from the numbers given by Your Kumantongs and this is the best confirmation that Your Kumantong is 100% Real.

If You have been seeking Lottery Numbers from Your Kumantongs for a very long time and have not STRIKE THE LOTTERY (4D /TOTO / PICK 3 / PICK 4 / LOTTO) even once, then Your Kumantong is either not trained in Predicting The Lottery Number, or it is definitely a FAKE.

Ordinary folks are not spiritually sensitive enough to feel the presence of spirit entities around them. Even when there are ghosts surrounding You, You can’t even see them. Very few folks are born with clairvoyance ability or clairaudience ability.

In Taoist Sorcery, there are rituals and talismans to Open the Yin-Yang Eyes (阴阳眼) to see Spirits / Ghosts and to gain the ability to communicate with Spirits (通灵法).

You might want to seek help from a Spiritual Master to open Your Yin-Yang Eyes (阴阳眼) to gain the ability to see spirit entities and teach You the skills to communicate with Spirits, which will provide You the skills to see and communicate with Your Kumantongs directly.

If You are lucky, someday You may able to meet a Kumantong ( In trance of a  Spirit Medium) during a Taoist or Thai Buddhist Spiritual Festival. You can bring Your Kumantong Statues to that Kumantong (In trance of a  Spirit Medium) for verification.  The Kumantong (In trance of a  Spirit Medium) will communicate with Your Kumantong ( In the Statue). The Kumantong ( In trance of a  Spirit Medium) will inform You whether Your Kumantong is Real or Fake. If Your Kumantong is real, You will be shock that Your Kumantong (In the Statue) has told the Kumantong ( In trance of a Spirit medium),  exactly everything good and bad that You do.

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