How to communicate to your kumantong?

“Can I know how to worship my Kumantongs and should I always recite/chant the “Kata Bot Suad Bucha Kumarn Tong” – Giving Name to Kumantong, along with, “Kata Riak Kumarn” – Call Kumantong to do your Bidding?”

Giving name to Your Kumantong should be done only once. Once, Your Kumantong is given a name, in future You just need to call out his name. If You know the proper chant/kata for giving name, You may use it during the “Giving Kumantong A Name” Ritual, if not You just need to verbally speak / whisper to the new Kumantong and tell it the name You are giving him. If You still don’t know how to do it ( Give Your Kumantong A Name), let the master do it for You, before You buy or receive the Kumantong.

When You are praying / worshipping or seeking help from Your Kumantong, it will be good if You know the Kumantong Chant / Kata or the one that is provided by the master / monk who create Your Kumantong. If You don’t know what to chant or how to chant, You just speak to the Kumantong with the language You speak. If not, You just use Your mind power to communicate with Your Kumantong. 

Kumantongs listen to Your mind and feel from Your heart.

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