Kumantongs like kids too can see through patterns in 4D / Toto!

Kumantongs are playful. They know the exact upcoming 4D Numbers of the TOP 3 Prizes. They want to make life a bit more fun by creating a puzzle out of the 4D Numbers given,with hints provided as well. The puzzle is so simple that even small kids can see through the pattern. Kumantongs want to play game with You but they ultimately want YOU TO STRIKE 4D.

For example:

On 9th April 2014 -Wednesday, Oil Bottle Kumantong gave 0293 for Singapore Pools 4D Prediction.
On 12 April 2014 – Saturday , Singapore Pools 4D came out 3290 – 2nd Prize.

Can You see the super straight forward hint given by Oil Bottle Kumantong now?


It means use the 4D numbers given and buy it for the next upcoming draw!

See what happened…

Indeed, Singapore Pools 4D Prediction by Oil Bottle Kumantong came out 2nd Prize again on the next draw. Not only that, Both Hands Raising Kumantong also played the same game and Sports Toto 4D Prediction came out 2nd Prize on the next  draw.

On 13th April 2014 – Sunday, Oil Bottle Kumantong gave 0386 for Singapore Pools 4D Prediction. 
On 16th April 2014 – Wednesday, Singapore Pools 4D come out 3086 – 2nd Prize.

On 13th April 2014 – Sunday, Both Hands Raising Kumantong gave 3103 for Sports Toto 4D Prediction.
On 16th April 2014 – Wednesday, Sports Toto 4D Prediction come out  3310 – 2nd Prize.


Once in a while, Kumantongs will change the pattern of the game and provide new super straight forward hint for You to Strike 4D.  

Now, who dare to say Lottery Numbers can never be predicted?  Deities and Ghosts are more than willing to help You Strike the Lottery and let You achieve Your dreams and goals , as long as You know how to seek their help and pray to them.

Kumantongs can help You Win in any kind of Lottery, be it 4D , Pick 3 Lottery, Pick 4 Lottery , Bingo , Lotto .  Kumantong 4D Prediction Method is so dead simple. 

Now the questions are:

  • Do You know where to buy, keep and Pray to a Powerful Genuine Kumantong?
  • Does Your Kumantong able to provide You Winning Lottery Numbers?
  • Is Your Kumantong trained in Lottery Prediction?

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