LP Pinak star mae nur hom 2530+

This is the famous early batch of Mae Nur Hom star amulet made by LP Pinak of Wat Sanamlao. Lp Pinak star amulets that contain flesh will have moulds growing on them. Those star amulets marketed as containing flesh are fakes if they don’t have moulds growing on them. Mould will grow on amulets made of human flesh due to scientific reasons and spiritual reasons.

Mae Nur Hom star amulets made by Lp Pinak contain 80% of human remains. One side of the amulet contain the stars with gems while the other side DO NOT contain stars or gems.

Ways to identify an authentic early batch Mae Nur Hom:

  1. there are moulds. This star amulet was kept in the safe for the past 10 years and there are moulds on them. The early batches of Mae Nur Hom star amulets were given to the villagers. Given the conditions in the village, authentic LP Pinak Mae Nur Hom star amulets gotten from the villagers would have more moulds than the 1 shown by me.
  2. 1 side of the amulet has gems while the other side DOES NOT have gems. Those with gems on boths sides are the later batch made by LP pinak and they contain less than 10% of flesh.

Ignore the old ways of authenticating an amulet like comparing it to books, or observing it with a magnifying glass because due to spiritual and scientific reasons, real Mae Nur Hom made by LP pinak will have moulds. If an authentic star amulet was kept in a clean environment like a safe, away from the external environment for 10 years, have moulds, those gotten from the villagers over the past few years would have more moulds. All authentic LP pinak star amulets are gotten from the villagers since they gotten it by donating to the temple.

Master: Lp Pinak

Edition: 2030+. 1st batch of Mae Nur Hom

Magical effects: improve karma

Recommended uses: improve karma. make your current life much better especially in wealth, career and business.

Currently, there are plenty of fake star amulets. For those that contain flesh or human remains, the human remains came from unknown sources: in other wards, the worshipper is praying to a ghost that wasn’t invited by Lp Pinak.

The current abbot of Wat Sanamlao is not a disciple of Lp Pinak so it’s not possible to get authentic Lp Pinak star amulets from the temple anymore. The most expensive star amulets are called Daong Zhom Phom and though they don’t contain gems, they contain 90% of human remains. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen any real Daong Zhom Phom online so far because none of the “real” Daong Zhom Phom have moulds.

Lastly, using a magnet isn’t the way to test whether a star amulet is authentic because with the advancement in technology, fakers can insert leklai or magnets into fake LP Pinak star amulets. It’s impossible to add moulds into fake LP Pinak star amulets because the symbol represents blessing of the five Past Lord Buddhas and eight Enlightened Arahuntras. which the fakers don’t dare to disrespect.

Curently, authentic Lp Pinak star amulets are carried by high-ranking policemen, military officers, businessmen and doctors in Thailand.

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