Never offend or wrong the unknown

There is a Chinese Saying :”病从口进,祸从口出”. (Bing Cong Kou Jing, Huo Cong Kou Chu).
It means: Sickness Come from Eating Rubbish, Disaster Starts From Careless Talk.

In the olden days, folks know how to speak carefully and to prevent offending anybody or any strangers.

In this modern era, the Younger Folks,especially Singaporean Kids, going through Westernized thoughts and English Medium Education are told to look down upon anything spiritual and to condemn such practice as superstition. The worst are the Modernized Parents , who are Christians and never warn their kids about the danger of being attack by Black Magic.

Modern Day Kids are trained to think “I Am God” – ” I Know Everything” type of behavior and go around mocking people as if they are the greatest sent from god.

With the advancement of Technology, people don’t just communicate with mouth to talk and paper to write. With Social Media such as Facebook , Youtube , Twitter etc… one person can offend somebody or stranger or the masses unknowingly at the speed of light. 

Many people think.. Getting Beating Up is the worst outcome for bad-mouthing or teasing someone. but it is not. The person who beat up someone will have to face the law and getting into jail. The most dangerous revenge when You offended someone is…… You will know the answer below.. 

The truth is…  When You Tease or Insult Someone whom You think is a weakling.. may keep quiet and walk away.. but You will be in for a Biggest Surprise later . You may not even know what has happened . When You realised  what has happened, You don’t know where to seek help.

A Powerful Black Magic Practitioner can do damage on You from afar, even ocean apart, by just needing either:

1) Your Photo and Address
2) Your Photo, Your Name and Date of Birth
3) Your Home Address – to disturb the whole family members

Your hair and finger nails are not needed. Not like what You see on Hong Kong Or Thailand Ghost Movies.

When a person is beaten up, he will either die or physically healed later. 

When a Black Magic Master is to seek revenge or engaged by someone to seek revenge, here are things that they normally do:

A) He doesn’t want you to die but  to “Play You” by inviting ghosts to disturb You and Your family.   

In Taoist Sorcery, revenge and punishment magic is usually done by engaging the ghost servants kept by the master or “5 ghosts” of Taoist Sorcery – 5 ghosts [Yao Bi Song (中央姚碧松),Lin Jing Zhong (北方林敬忠), Cai Zi Liang (西方蔡子良), Zhang Zi Gui (南方张子贵), Chen Gui Xian(東方陈贵先)].

These are the typical paranormal havoc done  by the ghosts invited by Black Magic Master to enter Your house:

1) Things that You put on the desk will be relocated on it’s own somewhere.
2) Things suddenly gone missing and appear again later at the same location.
3) Eggs or Food from the fridge will appear on the dining table placed neatly when no one brought them out.
4) Hearing Voice calling Your name but no one is around You.
5) Things dropping when no one around.
6) The switch to turn on TV, Hi-Fi , Lights are turned on by itself when no one around.
7) Self-Slapping by Your Own Hand or being slapped or pinched from unknown force. 
and many more…

B) Make You Fall Sick
C)  Make You Die By Meeting an Accident
D) Make You feel Suicidal and You Commit Suicide Yourself
E) Self-Talking or Turn Crazy
F) To destroy Your Business and Make You go Bankrupt

Black Magic Practitioner will “Play” You and yet You cannot turn to police for help because You cannot complain to police that someone is using BLACK MAGIC to destroy You. 

The only way to stop  is: 
1) To engage another Taoist Sorcerer, Bomoh etc to get rid of the ghosts or destroy the spell.
2) When the Taoist Black Magic Practitioner feels that he has play You enough and have given You a good lesson.

The lesson from this article is
1) Do not be Cocky
2) Do not be Arrogant
3) Be Humble and Never offend anyone when You speak to people or messaging online 
4) Black Magic is still alive and is real

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