Archan Put Palakit in namman prai amulet 2010

Master: Archan Put

Edition: 2010. This batch was placed under Archan Put’s altar and had received daily chantings before it was released in 2016. The delay in release of this batch was because Archan Put had forgotten that he had put them under his altar!

Magical effects: Jerajaa, 

Recommended uses: Wealth, Lucky Windfalls, Mercy Charm, Seduction, Good Business, Attract Customers

Ingredients: Sacred wood containing deva, namman prai oil

This palakit was hand-carved by Archan Put in 2010. The palakit has hands and is kneeling because a deva is residing in the sacred wood.

Cambodian/Khmer magic was used to bless this palakit amulet.

He left it under his altar and had forgotten about them for 6 years before finding them 1 day under his altar! It had received daily chantings and empowerment so it’s definitely powerful. After finding them, he continued to chant them constantly. He then added namman prai to further increase the charm and attraction magic of the palakit.

Archan Put is currently famous in Thailand and his items aren’t cheap. His whereabouts are currently known only to his disciples. His items are made in small quantities and are empowered following olden days method which are powerful but banned in Thailand.

The katha will be provided. All Archan Put items require a katha and that katha is exclusive to that particular amulet only. We have received queries whether the katha “Hi Ho He Ha” can be used on all Sanaeh types of Archan Put items. The answer is no. All Sanaeh type of Archan Put items have their individual katha.

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