Archan Sarayut Khun Paen gold takrut 2015 Saen Tri Wet

Magical effects: Maha Sanaeh, Kaa Khaay, Metta Mahaniyom,  Jerajaa – business discussions, job interview, Mad Jidt Mad Jai – Enchant the heart and mind of another, maha laluay – charm and attraction, Maha Pokasap, Klaew Klaad

Recommended uses: Seduction, flirting, successful business/selling/sales line/speech, convincing speech, charm, popularity, promotion, protection, evade danger

Price: sold

Edition: Saen Tri Wet 2015

Ingredients: Prai Powders from broken pieces of Khun Paen Maloom Matoom by Lp Chuen of Wat ta Ee, powder amulets including Khun paen amulets made by Lp Chuen donated by disciples, Herbs, numerous powder amulets from other masters donated by disciples, powder for wealth, metta and sanaeh. Elephant penis oil and secretion to increase charm.  Plenty of gold leaves. The gold takruts were individually chanted for a long time and mixed with numerous powerful items to bring up its power because this is the most expensive version of all the Saen Tri Wet edition Khun Paen

The Saen Tri Wet 2015 Khun Paen amulets consist of 2 types. One with takruts and 1 without takuts. For the version of takruts, they contain silver, gold or copper takruts. This particular khun paen amulet contains 2 gold takrut! This is the most expensive version of the Saen Tri Wet 2015 Khun Paen amulets and it was booked by the Thai businessman and the committee people before it was officially released! Cambodia magic or Khmer magic was used to make this amulet.

This Khun Paen amulet had gone through 5 major chanting ceremonies with famous master to empower it.

First ceremony: 6 December 2557 at Archan Sarayut’s Samnak.

The ‘Muan Sarn’ or sacred substances were blessed. It refers to all in the series of saen tri wet, including the famous Khun Paen Saen Tri Wet 2558 by Archan Sarayut. Masters present in the ceremony included Lp Phad, Lp Tone, Lp Sombun and Lp Kaen. On the same day, Archan Sarayut performed “Sri Ram Long Song” linked to the Rama God. On the end of the rain retreat, Archan Sarayut performed a boiling ceremony for the See Pheung Saw Sum Moo Bun Kin Nam Bor Diao.

Second ceremony: 22 November 2557 at Wat Don Thong. Masters who chanted included Lp Ruay of Wat Ta Ko, Lp Perm of Wat Pom Gaew and Lp Poon of Wat Ban Paen.

Third ceremony: 26 February 2558 at Wat Wang Phrong Kae. Masters who chanted included Lp Pien of Wat Kren Gatin, Lopburi, Lp Tohn of Wat Wang Phrong Kae  & Lp Pachen of Wat Kanon Nuea, Ayuttaya.

Fourth ceremony: 12 March 2558 at 15.39pm at Wat Nong Yi Duk at Chainat province. Masters who chanted included Lp phra of Wat Kohk Dork Mai, Lp Go of Wat Ta Samor, Lp Wijit of Wat Phrakae and Phraku Nattapol of Wat Nong Yi Duk.

Final ceremony: 21 March 2558 at Archan Sarayut Samnak.

There were additional chanting for the gold takruts and they were mixed with numerous powerful items to bring up its power! This amulet is definitely powerful because it went through 5 major ceremonies and it contains ingredients from amulets made by LP Chuen, including Khun Paen amulets. Lastly, archan Sarayut has less restrictions in magic compared to Lp Chuen so he is able to utilise certain magic to bring up the power of this Khun Paen amulet.

back of the amulet is filled with plenty of magical yants including the main khmer magic in the middle

Three main magic were used in making this Khun paen amulets:

  1. magic from Lp Chuen
  2. “Gae Mae Plaa Chon” means “chicken mother mudfish”. Mudfish is called snakehead in some parts of Asia. In ancient Siam, “Gae Mae Plaa Chon” means “old hen” or an old lady who uses seductive tricks to get what she wants since they are more experienced (we’re not trying to create any gender dispute here. it’s merely an explanation of an old term). This magic provideds authority, charm, wealth and popularity
  3. Lp Choo in Surin who is famous for using elephant penis oil and secretion in making amulets. This Khun Paen contains elephant penis oil and secretion to increase its charming effects.

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