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Maker of Amulet: Luang Por Simpalee. Temple of Origin: Wat Pha Wichai Ruam Mit (Woramit). Year of Issue: Made in 2562 BE, Empowered for 2 Years, and Released along with amulets of the 2564 BE Edition. Weight: 20 Grams. Type of Amulet: Hand Inscribed Sacred Geometry Scroll Spell.
Magical Effects: Dtad Gam, Serm Yos, Serm Duang, Maha Lap, Metta, Jerajaa, Kaa Khaay. Material: Takrut Scroll Spell with Rae Perm Palang Gaay Libido Increasing Powders, Lek Lai Sethee, Wan Maha Lap, Wan Maha Sanaeh. Recommended Uses: Good Karma, Success, Wealth, Health, Physical Strength and Libido, Good Business. Size of Amulet: 4 Inches Long. Number of Amulets Made: Only 399 Made in this extreme limited edition. Edition (Purpose of Making): Sang Sum Pratu

Presenting a most highly acclaimed and in demand Thai Amulet; the Takrut Tone Dtad Gam (Cut off Bad Karma) Ud Pong Rae Serm Palang Gaay, Lek Lai Sethee, Wan Maha Lap, and Wan Sanaeh. The Takrut was released in two sizes, Dork Yai, measuring 4 inches long, and Dork Lek, measuring 2.5 Cm.

The Takrut were fashioned from a metallic hand inscribed Yantra Foil Spell, and filled with the famous Rae Serm Palang Gaay, Health & Libido Increasing Magical Powders, that have become a world famous phenomenon, with Lek Lai Sethee Wealth Attracting Katya Siddhi Element, Wan Sanaeh for Maha Sanaeh Power of Attraction, and Wan Maha Lap Herbal Powders, for Lucky Fortunes.

LP Simpalee

Empowered in 2562 BE at the temple of Wat Pha Chai Ruam Mit in Loey, you fund the building of the Sum Pratu Arched Entranmce to the temple, and also 124 years of life of the Master in that year. Blessed in Putta Pisek Ceremony within the Uposatha Shrineroom, after a preceding 3 month Traimas period of uninterrupted nightly blessings, by the Great aged monk, LP Simpalee, who in the year of making of this edition, had reached the age of 124 Years old, becoming the longest still living Master Monk of his time (Made in 2562 BE/2020 AD, and released later after a further 2 years empowerment, in 2564 BE).

Takrut Ud Rae Serm Palang Gaay LP Simpalee

This special 2562 Series was empowered for two years in solo by Luang Phu Simpalee, with additional individual empowerments from the Great Luang Por Aditep, and Ajarn Geng. They were then released along with the 2564 Edition, which included many different amulets, all in small limited series numbers.

This series is expected, as usual to deplete and sell out completely in a very short time, as has been seen withg all previous editions of amulets which contain the miraculous Rae Serm Palang Gaay Health, Strength and Libido Increasing Magic Powders, and his Lek Lai Sethee Wealth Attracting Kaya Siddhi Elemental Substance.

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