Benjapakee is a group of grand five amulets most wanted by amulet collectors. The word “Benja” means five and “Pakee” means member. Hence it means a group of five amulets. Benjapakee is a word from Pali, a sacred language found in the most literature of Theravada Buddhism. The suggested order to wear the amulets… Continue reading OldThaiAmulets

Somdej amulet, the King of Thai amulets

Description Somdej Toh – known formally as Phra Buddhachan Toh Phromarangsi (A.D. 1788-1872), was one of the most widely known monks during the Rattanakosin period ruled under King Rama. He was born in Kamphaeng Phet Province before his father became King Rama I. Somdej Toh was named “Toh” before his monkshood and “Phromorangsi” as his… Continue reading Somdej amulet, the King of Thai amulets

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