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Pray (To Ghosts) & You Shall Strike (The Lottery)?

Many people, just because ownselves never strike 4D before, they declare that there is no way anyone can Win 4D.

While You haven't search for an answer on how to Strike 4D consistently,  You already done conclusion.  This will cause you not to have any chances to Win 4D in your life. Due to Your own ignorance,You discourage others from buying 4D,  it also hurts others from having the chances of Winning 4D as well.

The ignorant ones, don't have own family members, relatives, nor own friends who are consistantly Striking 4D, therefore no chance to see with own eyes and experience the feeling of Striking 4D consistently.

Those folks who strike 4D frequently, may not be interested to expose their secrets to You because:

  1.  If they tell You, You also won't believe.
  2. Instead of learning from them how to Strike 4D by Yourself, You keep wanting to borrow money from them instead.
  3. Once You found out they use Sorcery to seek Lottery numbers, You become scared.

During desperate situation, You found fake gurus

Because You don't have any close good-hearted people to recommend You a genuine master, You end up being cheated by fake masters.

Some fake  masters (especially those "gurus" from Indonesia), use fake edited photos of "Winning 4D Tickets" to entice You. You stupidly believe those are real and You paid for their stupid "Sure Win Numbers".

Once they received Your money, they disappear and become uncontactable. Because of this, You end up forever trusting no one, and forever no chance to learn how to Strike 4D frequently by yourself.

'Scientific' 4D Masters

Their method is to use software to study the upcoming potential winning numbers, which is time consuming  and then the software vomit out 1 whole train list of potential winning numbers for You to pick and bet.

Without the help of deities or ghosts, don't buy 4D

If anyone were to bet 4D blindly depending on pure luck, might as well don't bet, the odds of winning are againsts You.

Many modern "highly educated" folks, who never believe in Gods & Ghosts,therefore never seek help from gods and ghosts to Strike 4D for themselves. Due to this reason, they also discourage You from betting 4D.

Gods and Ghosts are Your best friends

The best solution is to seek help from Gods (Deities) or Ghosts. With the help from Gods and Ghosts, the chances of Striking is almost 80%.

Base on past results and feedbacks, it has shown that by seeking help from gods or ghosts, usually if really hit a Prize, it often hit on TOP 3 (Direct or Ibet). If You miss, it shows miss by 1 number on TOP 3 Prize, which is also a hint from the deity or ghost that the same number might hit on the next draw.

The best method to Strike 4D by Yourself

The way to Win 4D frequently by Yourself is to learn how to seek help from gods or ghosts by Yourself and that is to find a Genuine Spiritual Master who Strike 4D frquently for himself, and is willing to teach You how to do ritual to call upon certain deities or ghosts by yourself to Win 4D / Lottery Numbers for Yourself.

The beauty of seeking help from gods and ghosts

You just buy 1 Set of numbers (ABCD), instead 1 whole list of few hundred sets. Because the chances of winning is high, You can put all eggs into one basket and aim for the bull eye.

Gods and Ghosts are always ready wanting to serve You

Many people are afraid of Winning The Lottery with the help of spirits / ghosts. They have the mindset that "Nothing Is Free" - If the Ghosts / Spirits help me strike the lottery, they might want to take away my life.

The truth is - the deities and ghosts are more than willing to help You Win The Lottery, because by helping You is to improve their good karma. If You really Strike, just remember to show Your appreciation by lighting up joss-sticks and verbally thank them, or burn some joss papers to them.  For Kumantongs' help, just do offering of some children titbits. Later on, the titbits can be distributed to the children, or eat by yourself.

Important Note: If You have promised the return of certain things if the deities or ghosts (especially wandering spirits / ghosts from the graves) have help You Win, do Your part as promised. If not, deities may simply not help You again in future, but as for the spirits / ghosts, they may hunt You down and make You go sick, bad luck or death, for not sticking to the promise.

Rules of thumb: When seek help from gods and ghosts, just ask for help and not to demand, so that You don't need to owe them anything in return. If the spirit entities are happy to help, they will help.

Seeking for help is not hard

For lay people, who have no knowledge in Taoist Sorcery or any other Spiritual Skills, Seeking help from Gods & Ghosts is not that difficult.

All You need is to keep a genuine spirit entity (Taoist Gui-Kia or kumantong), or set up an altar to pray to a certain particular wealth related talisman and shake a cup of numbers.

You may ask that particular Spiritual Master You have engaged for guidance on how to pray or do ritual to seek Lottery from the deities or ghosts from his talismans or spiritual items.

Fake or Real? - How To Tell

Can't the Spiritual 4D Masters just give me Sure-Win 4D Numbers? After the numbers are bet upon and when the results are out,  only then You will know whether 4D has strike or not.

With the records of past winning results and from feedback of his followers, You are able to know whether the Spiritual 4D Master is the Real Deal. Another way of explanation is to be a Genuine Master, he must have past winnings results to prove, not merely blowing own trumpet.

Like wise, to experience genuine spiritual items or talismans, You have to pray to the gods or ghosts through the spiritual items by yourself and seek 4D Lottery numbers by Yourself and win money for Yourself to experience what is Real. Furthermore, whether You will win or not, still depend whether the gods or ghosts are willing to help You. They like to test Your faith.

If You come across someone who says his numbers confirm sure win, this is confirm fake. Once again, whether will win or not, still must wait for results to come out.

How other believers / followers Strike 4D?

Those folks who are blessed with Lottery Winnings on and on, are those people who already deep down in their hearts, even before owning any spiritual items. By simply looking at the spiritual items, they already can sense the "power" of  those magical items and  have 100% faith in those items of  particular spiritual masters.

Call these people "naive" if You want to. It is because of their  strong believe and also their fate to get to know the real spiritual masters, to be able to be offered genuine spiritual items, in order for them to seek direct help from gods or ghosts, to win the lottery frequently.

Conclusion: Pray (To Ghosts) & You Shall Strike (The Lottery).

Don't let Chinese Magical Skills be lost

Few thousand years ago, the Chinese ancestors have passed down the knowledge of Chinese metaphysics and Sorcery Skills to help the Chinese disciples to live a better life.

Don’t let these Chinese esoteric knowledge be lost. Don't let the reason of being a modern "highly educated" non-superstition person, to stop You and others the chance of Winning The Lottery.

Some Westerners are anxiously hoping to learn Chinese Sorcery but have no chance but some Chinese are discarding it as mere superstition. Don't wait until You are desperate, then come and beg for spiritual help. By that time, it might be too late. – Copyright All Rights Reserved